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My little brother drew all over our leather furniture. How can I clean it?

Asked by Seth (302points) August 1st, 2009

He used a marker.

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If this happened to me the question I would be asking is “How do you get blood out of a carpet.”
What did he draw with?

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What kind of marker? Dry erase? Sharpie? Does it say “permanent marker” on it?

@allansmithee Good one! : D

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I think it was a roseart?...

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If it’s washable marker, the consensus is baby wipes.

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If it is permanent marker, then the folks at this site suggest bug spray, Coppertone Spray SFP30, Coppertone water babies spf 40, Chrome by Azzaro mens aftershave, Tag body spray, Hawaiian Tropic sunblock spf 45, Avon’s Skin So Soft body spray, or Off Skintastic Bug Spray. Whatever solvent is in them also dissolves the marker ink. Personally, I use Goo-Gone to remove marker from book covers.

In any case, whatever you choose to try, first try it on an inconspicuous part of the furniture, to be certain it won’t also remove the dye in the leather.

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you could turn the couch cushion over… if you can’t just do that then you could finish his coloring job and rose art the whole couch.

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@Seth Welcome to Fluther.
Lurve for trying to save your brothers life by trying to fix the damage.

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Take him to the bathroom and throw him in a cold shower. Why do you refer to your brother as it? Shouldn’t that be reserved for your cousin?

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@Zendo: Sorry, but the antecedent of “it” is the noun closest to it. That would be furniture.

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@Seth: What color is the leather? Where on the chair or sofa did he scribble? How about a nice decorative cushion.

@Zendo: Best one-second video I have seen. (RIP).

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We use an insect repellent called Aeroguard to remove magic marker from the wall or plastic cases, would be worth a try.

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Hey Seth- did it work?

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Yeah, it’s gone now.

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@Seth: Brother, furniture or stain?

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All three. Off a cliff. Into lava.

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