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Would you live in solitude for a year in a beautiful environment?

Asked by ctferrarajr (270points) August 1st, 2009

If you had the option to live in the most beauful place you could think of but never be able to interact with other human beings, would you?

You would be provided with food and water and shelter.

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As much as I really value solitude and daydream of a deserted island I could not choose to be that long completely without my spouse and kids and will decline.

It would be great for the first month or two but after that I would start imagining friends.

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Yes as long as there would be a dog.

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What if I needed medical attention in that time? I think I want someone around for that.

Also, humans are social beings. We thrive through interaction. Not having that severely limits us.

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@Flo_Nightengale nope, complete solitude.

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It sounds like a tempting proposition, but without someone else to share it with, to talk to no.
Places don’t make me happy, people do.

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No. But only because I’m married and have a daughter. I couldn’t be without them.

However, if that weren’t the case, absolutely.

I would finally illustrate my childrens book.

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Okay, still a yes!

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That’s a long time to go without human interaction. I’m going to have to say no on this one.

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yes. do i get internet?

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In a minute, but I’d have to have some animals to keep me company. I’d feel weird talking to trees, but I suppose I’d get over it after awhile. Oh, I just saw your answer to @Flo_Nightingale. No dogs, crabs, or bugs, where am I, in some out of work mime’s invisible glass box? Doesn’t sound like paradise to me.

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sign me up
I imagine there will be quite the waiting list…

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What exactly defines interaction with humans?
I can assume I can’t physically be with them. Can I still email? IM? Play computer games online with?
How about TV, am I able to watch shows as they’re being broadcasted? If not, how about if I have them on DVD? Similar question, how about radio/CDs/other music forms?

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Absolutely not. I love people & have to have them around me.

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

@jbfletcherfan, I love the answers with the Internet clauses. Would have never had that thirty years ago.

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Absolutely, when do I leave?

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If you mean without physical interaction, sure. But if you mean no communication, no books or music or mental stimulation, I don’t think so.

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No. I really do like humans.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra This is true. Time flies when you’re having fun, huh?

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I wouldn’t be able to do it. Not at all. I know some people like being alone in the quiet, my boyfriend being one of those types of people. I, however, do not like to be alone.

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It would be tempting but as @allansmithee says it would probably feel a bit pointless and empty without someone to share it with.

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If I didn’t have a husband and three kids, I’d do it, but only if I had an unlimited supply of books. I can’t leave my family, because my husband would have to let his parents move in to help with the kids so he could work, and at the end of my year I’d come home to asthmatic spoiled rotten sugar addicted crack heads of children and my husband would probably be an alcoholic.

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Sure thing! I like being away from people.

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Not just yes, but hell yes! I would love it! Even if I didn’t have my books or music, I would absolutely love it!

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its easy to say yes but i believe it would be incredibly hard to do. i would like to think that i could enjoy a year in some unbelievable remote corner of the world, but a year without having another human around is a very long time.

this makes me think of Into The Wild. he was only up in alaska by himself for what, 3 months? and by the time he died he came to the realization that happiness is only real when shared. not that you cant be happy by yourself, but every day, being alone, you might start to go nuts.

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I could do three months. I would spend it painting and enjoying nature but that would be my limit I think.

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right this second? it’d probably do me some good.

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I’d be too lonely. I need interaction with people. I start feeling like nothing when I’m alone. Sigh.

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no. i’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be good for the mind after awhile. as much as solitude sounds good sometimes, i think there’s such thing as too much. besides, after a bit, all i’d be thinking is that i’d want someone else to be there to see it…

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I would like to say yes, but I don’t know if I could. Perhaps I could have once, not now. I think it would be the experience of a lifetime. I know that I would come back changed. I would expect to come back with a deep and abiding peace and self-knowledge that are the fruits of solitude and meditation.

I hope my family and friends would be there when I returned and would welcome the new being in me. I would bring with me the things I wrote for them while I was gone. I think a part of me would never come all the way back to the everyday world.

There is no doubt that this kind of renunciation is hard and even painful for us ordinary folks. We can dream of it, but we can’t do it. Those few who have the courage to do such a thing by choice in real life are people I greatly admire.

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