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What is something or someone that you would never give up, even if your life depended on it?

Asked by chelseababyy (7934points) August 1st, 2009

For me, it’s my boyfriend, my siblings and the rest of my family. I just wouldn’t be who I am without them.

What is it for you, that you could never let go of? Your freewill? Your family? Your passion?

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I’d sacrifice myself for my nephews.

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My daughter.

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Of course I could never give up my kids-I would die for them need be.

I used to have these weird thoughts sometimes, like, what if my car died on a train track and I could only get one of my kids out, which one would I get? Would I just stay with them and die too? I asked my mom about it and she said “I don’t even know what to say, you’re weird”. I finally decided if I couldn’t get them both then we’d all just die, which I’m still not sure is the correct answer.

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This is a hard one. But in the end I would have to go with your answer. Family is just too important.

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I love my sister more than anything. She would be the one person I would always fight for.

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Also heroin~
(~ = sarcasm)

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This reminds of something I think about occasionally: if someone put a gun in my hand and a gun to my head and told me to kill someone else or die, I wonder if I would take the bullet. Better to die innocent than live as a murderer, right?

As for the question, I’m not sure. Call me cruel or calculating, but I think there are some relatives I wouldn’t die for because I think my continued existence would contribute more to the world than theirs would. I can imagine giving my life for one of my brothers, but maybe not the other ones (does my doubt make me a supreme asshole?).

As for material objects, there isn’t a single thing worth more than just being alive. How about body parts? I’d give up my legs rather than die. All my teeth too!

I think I might rather die than lose my sanity. I think I have a fear of being crazy.

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My penis

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That’s depressing.

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I don’t know many men that would want to go on with out their weiner.

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Well, see.. If your LIFE depended on you giving up your penis and you didn’t give it up, you’d be dead. To me, losing my genitals is worth not having to lose my life.

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Men are generally pretty attached to their genitals, I think, more so than women. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s just an observation.

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@knitfroggy I think it’s more that our genitals are attached to us than we are attached to them.

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@knitfroggy For sure. I could totally see that. It’s just weird to think one would rather die with their genitals than to live without them. You know?

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@chelseababyy I know exactly what you mean. I do know several men though that would sooner die than not have their penis, I’m not saying all men are like that, but I’d bet a goodly number are. not that it’s a bad thing

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My girlfriend and some of my family come immediately to mind, but the same may be true for many people. I would be prepared to put my life on the line to preserve certain principles, such as freedom of speech and actions, respect for all who earn it etc. I would fight to the death if the Taliban (or a similar religious oligarchy intent on imposing laws on those who do not want them) were to come to Australia.

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Assuming that my actions hurt nobody but myself, I would have to say that it’s my ability to think. Because without the ability to think, I would not be able to appreciate the small pleasures in life, I would not be able to appreciate my family, I would not be able to feel happiness, joy, sadness and anger and actually know that I’m feeling them.

Without the ability to think, I would be reduced to an animal, living off my family, being nothing but a liability and an empty shell; nothing but a shadow of my former self.

And that is why I’d rather die than lose my ability to think.

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Furthermore, it’s interesting to note that if the ability to think were taken away from all those who’ve already answered, they would not be able to acknowledge the things which they’ve listed, much less protect them.

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Another human being, no matter who it was.

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Definitely my family! Especially my kids.

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Anyone. It helps when you are full of self-loathing.

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My faith. Even if my family was taken away it would be heart breaking but i know we would be togeter again.

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my wife. I would exchange her life for mine in an instant. And I love life, and everyday is a joy, even when I am in pain. There is no better person on the planet that I know of than my incredible spouse.

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Depends what your definition of “give up” is.

No material possession would ever be worthy of such sacrifice, period.

The only person I would consider in this situation is my mother, but if by “never give up even if your life depended on it” you mean that I would be killed if I did not give her up, then even here I must say no to her. I know for a fact that my mother’s #1 desire for me is to have a long and happy life, and she would never want me to sacrifice myself for her even though she knows I would do so in a heartbeat. Or even in the situation where we were stranded on an island and found a boat that only one person could use to get free, I would have to give her up because she would force me onto that boat or never get on it herself.

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I would never give up on my family and they mean the world to me. I would ALWAYS depend on my sister and my friends!! =]

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Never gonna give you up

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installing Rick Roll Filter

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My kids and my wife no question.

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The Three F’s – Faith, family and friends.

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Definately my boyfriend.

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The one thing I would never, ever give up is the ability to learn!

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my two younger little sisters…. I’d give my life for them and protect them. They are more precious to me than anything….... but oh my god they are annoying as hell!

I my passions…. but thats a different kind of importance to me that I can’t place in comparison to my sisters

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and some one who was in sudden danger

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