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What's the best place to look for a vacation home bargain in Florida?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) August 2nd, 2009

Looking for something small, not a high rise condo and preferable an island or small beach town—not a huge college student destination. Looking for a modest beach home, near the ocean and a nice beach. Can definitely be off the beaten path. Don’t want to spend more than $60K

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When I go on vacation I start looking on the Internet and search that way. I have found some wonder bargains. I once rented a lovely cottage for about 300.00 a month, in Ireland. You get the best deals off season of course.

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Florida has great deals right now. I am a licensed real estate agent there, but currently live in Memphis. I look up property all of the time, and I think this is a great time to buy, I worked/lived in SE florida, which is very populated, doesn’t sound like something you would want. You might try Melbourne or Satellite Beach, vero beach also. You say ocean, so I am assuming you want Atlantic Ocean and not the Gulf.

Something to keep in mind, in the winter north of Melbourne it is not bikini weather for much of the winter. If you want to get away to 75 degree weather in January you might want to stay south of there. It is warm up through Jacksonville in the winter, but there are many many days that are cold, so if you want to better guarantee warm weather the days you are there, stay more south.

There are many more small towns north of Melbourne, but I am not very familiar with that area.

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Find a reputable vacation home real estate agent. They will work hard to get you the best deal, without most of the risk.

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