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Would you object in receiving organs from someone of another race?

Asked by Flo_Nightengale (1491points) August 2nd, 2009

Since I keep reading racism is well and alive in the United States, I am curious to know if you would accept the organs of someone of another race. Please no one word answer.

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Well, I certainly would. Organs have no color anyway, but the most important factor is compatibility and genetics plays a role there.

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Sure. If I needed an organ transplant, I would take whatever I could get. If it’s from someone of another race, whatever. It’ll work.

Now if this organ was actually black… I’d prefer not to get a smokers lungs.

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No never. I might wake up wanting chitlins and cornpone.

Just kidding. If my life is in danger and someone’s organ(s) will save me, and this someone is of another race….so what!

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So I am curious why do we judge folks by the color of their skin?

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I try not to.

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Of course I’d accept organs from someone of another race. We’re the same on the inside, basically.

So I am curious why do we judge folks by the color of their skin?
Because it’s the quickest, most easily-assessable quality of a person. Kind of like, well, judging a book by its cover.

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@sarcasm, What if you were blind?

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As long as they’re not Jew organs
I’m kidding, of course I would accept organs from anyone if they’re in good condition

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@Flo_Nightengale Who’s we, kemosabe?

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I thought most people didn’t even know where their organ was coming from, or do you get a background on the donor? I’m sure the doctors know, but I don’t see why the patient would have to know.

I have weird issues with organ donation, but yes if I needed one I’d take it from whomever. My grandmother-in-law has a pig valve, you really can’t discriminate when it comes to your life.

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@ teh kvit liberal finally a sense of humor enters

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@Flo_Nightengale If I was blind, I’d probably turn out a lot like Clayton Bigsby (Warning. Foul language. Dave Chappelle)

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WE meaning the general population. That is what I am told. We are all racists.

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FYI: I don’t believe everything I hear or read.

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@Flo_Nightengale I don’t believe everyone is a racist, I do believe everyone has prejudices though.

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@casheroo Well said. There is a difference between being a racist and being prejudice.

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@Flo_Nightengale “We are all racist”
I’m not. So what you have been told is a lie.

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I think most organ recipients would automatically assume their new organ was from someone of the same race as them. And in fact they’re reasonably likely to be correct, given that the donor registry match donors to recipients genetically, and you’re more likely to be genetically similar to someone of your same race than someone of a different race. (This is one reason why it’s far more difficult to find good matches for people of mixed race – there are fewer donors who have the same ethnic background, making it less likely that an available organ is a good match.)

I also think that most recipients would be willing to overlook any racist tendencies they may have in order to save their own life. Donors might not be so willing…

“In one case, for example, the family of a brain-dead Florida man agreed to donate his organs — but insisted that because of the man’s racist beliefs, the recipients must be white. Although the organs were allocated accordingly, Florida subsequently passed a law prohibiting patients or families from placing such restrictions on donation.” Source

Edited because I forgot to actually answer the question, haha! I’d accept an organ from anyone, no matter what their ethnic background, or anything else for that matter. Hell, I’d even accept an organ from a politician. ;)

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Of course I would. Color or ethnic mean very little to me. People are people & I love just about everybody.

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Again, I am new to Fluther and should have been more specific in regards to tissue testing in order to prevent rejection. I think you are all great and giving very insightful answers. I have faith in the human race once again.

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I wish they wouldn’t, that way racism might solve itself ;) But all kidding aside, @fireinthepriory said it all. People won’t know about the origin of the organs, and I have a feeling that if they really need them they won’t ask about it. As for myself, I would use it all whether it’s a heart valve from a pig, child molester or a yellow/black/red guy.

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My father (before he passed away) was hoping to have a liver transplant; however, he was too ill to even be considered. During the process, I never remember hearing him say, “No organs from anyone other than a Caucasian person.” Not once. He just prayed he would improve enough to be reevaluated to be placed on the list.

As far as being a racist…nope, not here. I think that is too broad of a statement. Sure, racism still exists – unfortunately, but to consider everyone a racist. No way.

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I am not certain that an organ from a Martian or a Venusian would work well in the body of an Earthling, but I could be wrong.

But you mean an organ from a fellow Earthling that just doesn’t look like me, don’t you? I can’t see why anyone would object, unless the fellow Earthling still needed it to live.

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How would anyone know what the origin of their transplant is? As far as I know that information is confidential. Yes, I would accept any viable organ, if I have a need, and I am also a full body donor for when my time comes.

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@teh_kvlt_liberal: “As long as they’re not Jew organs.
I’m kidding, of course I would accept organs from anyone if they’re in good condition.”

I find that first remark unacceptable in spite of your disclaimer. The “I’m kidding, of course” does not give you carte blanche to talk about “Jew organs,” which is truly a shocking use of the noun “Jew.” And I am distressed to see three GA’S for that.

@Zendo: “No never. I might wake up wanting chitlins and cornpone.
Just kidding.” I respond the same way. The “I’m kidding” does not excuse the stereotypical racial dig. That also got two GA’s.

The Fluther community is very much opposed to this kind of thinking. Shame on you both.

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@gailcalled Easy for you to say…Lurve that I got 2 GA’s…LOL Being an adopted Shawnee, and an honorary African American, I tend to be footloose and fancy free with my stereotyping.

Shame Shame Shame on me. hangs head in shame

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I would only be concerned if they had the same blood type as me or not.

Would you rather have organs from a person from a different race or organs from a murderer?

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Before a transplant everything has to match. Does anyone know why I asked this question?

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@Flo_Nightengale. I don’t know why you asked this question but I am curious.

As far as receiving organs from a person of another race? I see no problem with that whatsoever especially considering it is in my best interests to do so becaue I need that organ to keep me alive and healthy. Furthermore, and chances are like others here have already said, I’m not going to know who that organ comes from anyway.

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You’d get what you deserved if you didn’t accept the organ.

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I know what makes me a little queasy is the thought of accepting an organ from an animal (but I doubt I would refuse it).

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I think the question should be directed to someone who claims to be a racist.

I’m squeamish about any type of operation or generally anyone touching my body. It’s a huge issue in the upcoming play I’m in, because they’ll have to apply not just make-up to my face, but also paint my chest. So someone actually opening me up and inserting someone else’s organs is a nightmare I’d hate to imagine.

Obviously once you get past that, I wouldn’t mind who the organs came from. I would of course prefer it if it was an arm or an eye transplant that the new arm had the same size, length, and colour as my other arm or eye. But that has nothing to do with racism. And I don’t think I’d be too picky about where my new liver came from.

Then again, if I were a racist, perhaps I’d rather die than have a piece of someone I hated inside me. Or perhaps I’d accept it and then stop being a racist? I have no idea.

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Black, white, yellow, brown, red…..oh wait, these aren’t m & m’s. I choose life.

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Well, seeing as I don’t consider myself to be racist I guess I’m not really qualified to answer this question but for the record, I would have no problem recieving organs from someone of another race.

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absolutely! i mean, i guess it makes sense to say that, as i’m not racist in any way. and i have to agree with @NaturalMineralWater completely.

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Yes, but only for matters of compatibility.

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