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Are we really after love?

Asked by cyn (6913points) August 2nd, 2009

Is life all about love, finding the one you want to be with, sex, passion, then death?

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Depends on whom you ask. I wouldn’t put it as you did in the description myself, though I might agree that I am “after love” and it’s a central goal I have.

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“Life” seems to be a result of random processes without inherent meaning. We are condemned, as the existentialists would have it, to free will. This being said, what shall we choose? I, and many others, have decided to choose Love and Work.

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Hate to sound cliche’ but, life is what you make of it. You decide what you want and what you’re after.

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Pretty much. At least for me that’s what life is about.

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I think most people are after acceptance, and they often mistake that for love.

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It is to me

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@MacBean acceptance is part of love, isn’t it?

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Were after the sensation it brings.

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Love is not the be all and end all of life. Life is about experiencing a breeze on your skin on a sunny day, smelling a lake as you swim, listening to a bird sing, experiencing a moment of flow in work when everything just happens right, holding a baby.

There is so much to it. It is unimaginable to me to say it has no meaning.

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Um, then could you please tell us what the meaning of life is?

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@pdworkin Read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy X-p

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Oh, I’m looking forward to @Marina‘s definitive answer.

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Yes, some of us are really after love – some of us have never felt it and want to, some of us have and want to again – it is an incredible feeling and though life is about a lot of other things, having love in your life makes the darker points better

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On a chemical level, yes. When puberty hits, and all those chemicals are released into our systems, we are helpless against physical attractions and an innate need to reproduce.

Why, you could almost say that you aren’t in love with someone, but you have achieved some sort of chemical balance with them.

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@Zendo Chemical balance? How romantic…

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Perhaps not romantic, but reality. Romance is just another contrivance of humans to hide the fact that it is chemicals compelling their sexual activity.

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Yes. Without love, life would be meaningless.

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@cyndihugs: Usually, yes. But just because you accept someone/something doesn’t automatically mean you love them/it, and just because you love them/it doesn’t mean you have to accept everything about them/it. And I think more people are after acceptance than love.

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@MacBean you left me confused!

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I don’t think that without love life would have no meaning, but it is hard to imagine a life without love, since it is something humans are so focused on. There are many people who don’t marry, who don’t live their lives with that special someone.

Personally, I think life is about finding what fulfills you, what makes you happy. For lots of people, love is something that fulfills, and so it is a priority to find “the one.” Others (me included), find contentment in any kind of friendship, and that feeling of closeness with another.

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I’d just be happy with one night of cuddles per week I think… if I crack the loving myself business I don’t think I’ll be after external love much after that…

but yes you still need the occasional passionate moment…;-)

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When I’m in love I can’t think about anything else. Everything I do is driven forward by the fact that I’m in love.

I wish I could be as passionate about other things in life. If I had a remote to make me fall in love I’d use it a lot, especially with school subjects lol.

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