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Where can i buy Dreher beer in New York?

Asked by ivanthered (8points) August 2nd, 2009

Would like to buy some Dreher (hungarian) beer in nyc or order online for a delivery in nyc.
Any idea?

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That’s what i’m looking for, but they deliver only to Australia!

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May I still continue to search?

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By any means!!

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Well, that’s certainly an interesting one which i think i’m ordering anyway, but it is a collection bottle from 1956 not intended for consumption. Very good job finding it nonetheless!
But i’m looking forward to actually drink the thing. Let’s keep searching (ain’t easy, otherwise i wouldn’t have needed fluther’s help!!)

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Sorry I did not pay attention. I just saw the name. I shall keep searching.

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So did you ever find this beer. I want to buy this for a friend of mine for christmas

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