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Blimey! I do believe richardhenry has 10,000 lurve. Wanna join me in congratulating him?

Asked by AstroChuck (37566points) August 2nd, 2009

Yup, that’s right. As the sun is about to rise in the UK our own retired community manager will be waking up as a full-fledged member of Fluther’s prestigious Club 10K.

So let’s all say “Hurray!” and congratulations to richardhenry, one of Fluther’s favorite sons.

For he’s a jolly good fellow…

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To the sexiest accent on Fluther! Congrats RichardHenry. (How can someone retire at age 19?)

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Congratulations to You!!!!

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I’m sorry to say we’ve rarely spoken (don’t know why, boo) but yay!

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Grats :]. You are one of my favs on Fluther!

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Wot wot? RH @ 10k? Congrats! :)

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Crikey! You’d have to be a blooming idiot to not give congrats to our favorite limey. In fact, our friends over at the Monty Python camp will insult you profusely if you do not give @richardhenry his due.

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‘Bout time. :) Congrats!

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Congratulations to my favorite Dick! :D

besides my husband of course.

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Yay!!! congrats @richardhenry!!

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Congrats! WTG!

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wholly crap! great work! (great now Jeruba is going to post right next to me and make me look foolish. Oh Boy-)

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Hurrah for richardhenry! A great steady contributor with a long and admirable track record. Congratulations.

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Yay richardhenry, England, and the internet!!!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Welcome to Thunderdome, we have pie. Congrats.

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Congratulations sir!

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It just keeps getting better and better! Congratulations Richard!

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Welcome RH!

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Congrats dude!

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About time, Richie, about time. Congratulations!!! I guess the retiring from comm manager part is what really pushed you over huh? That means my
turn better be coming up :P

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CONGO RATS!!!!!!!!

You can pet Basil whenever you want!

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@PnL twice, really? point whore?

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[mod says] Duplicate post removed.

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I was awake for this one and I am still the 32nd to respond, where do I go wrong???

Nonetheless, it is a momentous occasion and I am proud to be able to add my felicitations to those of the masses. CHEERS dude and good job.

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Congratulations! Now, when are you going to make us another video….?

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Awwww cute, @andrew named his wee-wee, Basil.

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Mr. Britain, it’s about time. If you’re ever in Davis, or SF which is close enough, I’ll buy you a celebratory beer. I’ll have to sneak it to you since you’re underage here. Fear not, Accent Boy! Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
Wuv ewe.

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oooo he has an accent???

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Aren’t these type celebrations, just an easy way for people to get lurve ? and rather pointless to give lurve for just saying congratulations and the like . ..

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@sandystrachan These celebrations are a time to acknowledge someone who has contributed a great wealth of knowledge, humor and insight to the collective. If you don’t feel the lurve you don’t need to respond.

We will lurve you anyways because that’s how we play.

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Since when did society start hating lurve? I’ve seen alot of unwanted lurve things going up, why?

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I have congratulated a couple people in the past, but i do find it senseless lurve as it is a situation where EVERYONE ends up getting lurve ok most people get lurve , others get lots of lurve It is a cheat way of getting lurve , i am not against celebrating a huge landmark such as that ..

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Blimey! Congratulations!

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Congrats to you!!!

I notice that in the short few months I’ve been here, there’s been a slew of people reaching ten thousand points.. What’s up?

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Congratulations to one of the nicest folks here on Fluther.

If you’re ever in Boston, give me jingle…we can have a tea party.

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Congratulations, Richard!

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Well, richardhenry, I’m really chuffed for you, old duffer! Congrats – I’ll stand a round for you in the pub tonight.

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10K lurve? How much is that in shillings?

I kid. Yay! @richardhenry!

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…for he’s a jolly good fellow
for he’s a jolly good feeellllooooowww
which nobody can deny!


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”...and so say all of us.”

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Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!

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What to say? You are one of the very special Fluther people. As a community manager, you were thoughtful, wise, even-handed and fun. I am so glad that you Fluther on since stepping down.

Congratulations to someone who embodies the spirit of “early Fluther” to me.

You can pet mine any time too. ; )

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Woo-hoo. Good job. :-)

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He’s henry yes he is
richardhenry 10k he is
answered 10k questions before
now he’ll answer 10,000 more
and the answers will come from henry
no one can really question what he is
he has reached 10k he’s henery
he’s richardhenry he is.

Congrats! and thanks so much for your patients and not giving me a hard time with some of my less than difficult questions!

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Congrats! W00t, w00t…As I say to all 10,000+, I hope to be there soon!

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WOAh! That’s SO awesome!!!! CoNgRaTz!!!!! W00t!!! W00t!!! :D
Everyones reaching 10k I feel so lonely…..:P

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Congratulations! A well-deserved 10k!!

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(arriving a bit late here)


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@sandystrachan I gave you lurve for that answer, just to prove you right/wrong. Well, okay just because I am a smart ass. Once you get to the limit I can give you, any new lurve won’t add to your score. Lurve is free, pass it around.

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Congratulations to richardhenry, who adds a lot to this site! You certainly deserve it.Good job, old chap!

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Congrats, sir.

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Way to go Rich! God save the queen plays in background

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You’re the brick, Dick! And the envy, Henry! Happy 10K!

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CONGRATS @richardhenry!
I cannot believe I missed this thread!?? Must I put “10k” into my areas of expertise?

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@rooeytoo its because you live way over there on the other side of the planet. Although it is Thursday there when it is only Wednesday here, so the only thing I can think of is that you are either really busy or asleep at the switch. =)

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I’m late…apparently nearly three days late! I guess I’m a bit out of touch and there has been a lot of questions posted in the last several days. But just to prove that I can be a fool, when I noticed rh over 10K I scanned over the recent questions, obviously missed this one and posted a similar question just hours ago. Thank goodness mine was quickly pulled by @shililo as a dupe. And, a dupe is how I felt having missed it, especially since I had seen it coming and mentioned it in my congrats post on @jonsblond‘s 10K lurve milestone.

My first exposure to moderators here at fluther, or any other internet site, for that matter, was by way of two very interesting and sharp, level-headed and friendly characters by the names of @sndfreQ and @richardhenry. I thought these guys were paid staff at first and I remember thinking that we and Bendrew were pretty damn lucky and very fortunate to have those hired hands, two very fine young men (along with a few others) patrolling these parts and gently guiding new members through the process. Of course, I now know they were not paid, and somewhat sadly, neither of those two gentlemen remain moderators (I suspect they are both very busy and have “paid their dues”) but they certainly helped pave the way for our current excellent crop of mods.

And, wtf? In the responses above, I didn’t see a single reference to The Fluther Story? Were none of you jellies here at the time? Let me point out that our very fine @richardhenry took a very choppy and bizarre story and through the magic of his editing and publishing skills, produced a not so choppy and still very bizarre story that remains a highlight of my fluther career. And, I was surprised to subsequently discover that @richardhenry, who appeared on the internet, to me, as a wise and sophisticated world traveler, was in fact a wet-behind-the-ears teenager!

To Sir Fluther Story, to the young man on the other side of the pond to whom
“spelled” just seemed so awkward in the very same manner as did “spelt” to me, to everyone’s (well, at least mine) favourite Brit (notice that I spelt favorite in the British manner, as I just spelled spelled, all out of respect for you, rh): CONGRATULATIONS @richardhenry on your 10K lurve milestone…a very well deserved and hard earned deed, indeed. It is tea time in the 10K Lurve Lounge (although I suspect the tea will be heavily laced with brandy and that the Guinness will be flowing freely, shortly). Sending much lurve…Gary aka wtf

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@ Gary – When I reach 10k, I hope you’re around to write my tribute. Great writing!

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@janbb….Thank you very much for the kind words. And for you. I will immediately prepare an outline/editable draft that I promise to keep up-to-date for a very long time and in the event we fall shy of the milestone it shall be in Sherry’s capable and loving hands for closure (which, so happens to be where I currently and happily find myself). See ya….Gary aka wtf

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congratulations to one of my absolute favourite accented fellows (((:

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@janbb / @whatthefluther I second that notion!

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So I recorded a video response, but Quicktime corrupted the hell out of it. I could record another, but it wouldn’t feel genuine. Instead I’m going to listen to some Beyonce and remember the good times.

Love you guys.

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@richardhenry It looks like reaching the 10 k club makes you do silly things , Please people don;t let me reach 10k

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@sandystrachan I’m going to quietly pretend that Beyonce isn’t already in my top 100 artists.

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@richardhenry obviously, you’re ready for the jelly.

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How’d I miss this one?
Pancakes for @richardhenry

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CONGRATUL….hey! Where did he go???

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This was in 2009.

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