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Proposed NBA rule change?

Asked by jeff3157 (27points) August 2nd, 2009

The idea I have is somewhat like what is done when a technical is called. The team gets to pick from players on the floor who will shoot the T . . Unless they’ve changed the rule already when jump balls are called for as a result of in game tie-ups, I would like to see the teams pick from players on the floor who will jump; not just have the players who happen to be part of the tie-up. This way when a much smaller player for example ties up a big man, the team with the smaller player might be rewarded in the jump ball situation, rather than just causing and almost automatic tip by the much taller player to his own team. What do others think . . ?

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I don’t have much of a problem with the rule as it is; but I wouldn’t oppose what you’re suggesting, either.

I was so frustrated by the officiating last season… I hope they find a way to resolve the issues when the ref with the poorest angle on a play is calling a foul that never happened. I recall in the playoffs Dwight Howard made a fantastic block – all ball – and the ref that was on the opposite side of him called a foul. There were a couple other bad calls and non-calls with the Nuggets in the playoffs, too. It was aggravating!

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