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What iPhone applications do you recommend?

Asked by lindseybree (60points) August 3rd, 2009

I’m going to be getting an iPhone 3GS soon and am just looking for recommendations. I’m also interested in medical ones as I am a Registered Nurse.

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Twitter client – TweetDeck and/or TwitterFon

Fun – FML, WhosHere, Peggle, I Dig It, Drop7, Facebook, Pandora, midomi, PuzzleQuest

Productivity – Evernote,

Information – Wikipanion, IGN, BofA, Chase, Google, Admit One, DIRECTV,

eReader – Kindle, B&N eReader, eReader

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you might also want to put “iPhone apps” in the search box at the top right. I know there’ve been a couple questions about this already.

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Health and wellness is one I use a lot. Husband is disabled and this app keeps track of his meds, doc, surgeries. Makes it easy when we go to a new doc and I have all the info at my fingertips.
I also have one that tracks my household budget and it is great.
Lots of games and they are all fun.
Shazam is a must have!
News fuse is great too!

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Yelp – it tells you every store/business that’s around and many of them have ratings and reviews from other people. I’ve used it many times to find places to eat and gas stations, which comes in very handy when you’re on the road in a somewhat unfamiliar place.

Pandora – the best of the online radio apps.

Facebook – if you’re into Facebook it’s a must-have (I sound like a salesman). :P

Shazam – already recommended. It’ll tell you the name of a song on the radio by listening to it!

Those are just some of my most frequently used ones.

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