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How do you get rid of fruit flies?

Asked by amoreno06 (352points) August 3rd, 2009

i moved in to the apartment, but there’s SO many fruit flies in there. There’s no food in the apt, and we haven’t been living there yet, just been trying to move stuff in.
Does anyone know how to get rid of them?

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oh darn. i found some siblings to this question…
any NEW ideas though??
especially since i have NO kind of food lying around?

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I’ve only had flies when there was food. It’s possible that there was a lot of grossness before you moved in, that was quickly removed per your arrival. They have to be living off of something, or had to have had been (that was an odd sentence) up until now. I’d say good ventilation, no food out longer than it takes to eat, and raid the whole place down for good measure.

When you use RAID though, makes sure all air circulation is cut off, and then can be aired out for a while before you have to be back in the room for any period of time.

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I’ve actually tried #2 with the bowl and it captured alot of them!

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If they are still there after ten days, I would make a point of checking all of the drains. They might be fungus gnats rather than fruit flies. Fungus gnats live on stuff that grows in drainpipes.

I use a sticky trap a bit of honey or applesauce dabbed on it.

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Get a vacuum cleaner. Use the hose. Dump the bag.

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What about calling the landlord and having them deal with it since the problem obviously occurred prior to your moving in?

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I was hospitalized unexpectedly and the landlord, thinking he was helping, brought my mail in including my Fruit of the Month strawberries which he left on the counter. Two weeks later when I got home-clouds of fruitflies and a funky smell. But by immediately removing the mess and wrapping refuse food containers immediately and carrying them to the garbage chute, I got rid of them in 3 days. It sounds like your problem isn’t fruit flies. Are the flies very localized in the kitchen or are they throughout the apartment? If the former try cleaning with a strong cleaner like Lysol, put baking soda down the drain, and throw out any garbage immediately. Fruit fkies have a very short life cycle. If they are all over the apt, the landlord should call in an exterminator and a professional cleaning crew.

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had the same problem about a week ago. they come from drains in the kitchen or open bottles of juice or liquor. find a product at a home depot or lowes that kills kitchen bugs. about $7. safe for the kitchen.

or home remedy: leave about a cup of wine in a bottle of wine and allow them to lure in. they go in, but don’t come out. little buggers!

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Kill every fly you can find, clean the hell out of the apartment (wipe down / scrub every surface – much easier before you’ve unpacked, and a good thing to do when you move into a place anyway), and they should be gone in a couple days.

You don’t need to use Raid or other toxic chemicals.

But I agree with others that you should talk to the landlord about it – even if you clean it yourself, it somewhat protects you if it turns out to be a more serious problem (as mentioned above)

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Slice an apple and put it on several plates in the kitchen. Wait an hour and go to each plate with a vacuum cleaner. It works. You will have to repeat this several times. Don’t wait more than 3 days. You do not want to give them a chance to reproduce.

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