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Hava Wireless HD Titanium?

Asked by kyle94481 (214points) August 3rd, 2009

Well I’ve been looking up ways to record video from an Xbox-360 recently. I’ve found the Dazzle recorder and the Have recorders seem to be the most popular among people and have many videos about them. What I’m wondering is, before I drop my cash on a Have for the HD, is that if I connect the component cables to the Hava’s input, can I still play with the good ol’ composite cables on my “wonderful” TV, as I don’t have any component inputs on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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So let me get this straight you have a tv which doesn’t have component inputs, and the device is composite. Well you can buy a cable converter which would allow you to use it.

Just do a search on google, or goto a store and ask. :) I hope thats what you meant. :)

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