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Is there a way to "block" people on Fluther?

Asked by dpworkin (27075points) August 3rd, 2009

There are some people’s responses I’d just as soon never have to read again. Is there anything to be done?

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Nope. You just gotta ignore the annoying folk. Just like real life. :)

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Nope this isn’t myspace…
But yes, if you don’t like what others posted just ignor it and leave the thread or don’t do anything about it.

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No, thank God. That feature created all kinds of problems on Bad idea.

And I can’t help but feel the same way as @Likeradar.

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Sometimes the answers you may not like, are the one’s that you can learn the most from, thus I suggest that all responses are an opportunity to keep an open mind. And every one can have a bad day, thus their next answer on a different subject may change your life.

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We’re a collective, and basically if someone breaks the TOS, have their comment removed…it’s not OK to insult people, it’s not OK to call names, it’s not OK to attack people….those can get your comment removed and if you make it very clear that someone has violated the TOS and bring this to the attention of the mods, they will act appropriately. Beyond that, if they’re just being pricks, well there’s a saying….DNFTT (Do not feed the troll). Just ignore them, and know that if you can’t put them in their place, someone here will be happy to do it for you.

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As in all repetitive conversations you eventually learn to either filetr or block-out certain types of comments. But hey.. we all have our good and bad days right? If you don’t like someone’s answer to a specific question who’s to say you won’t like their answer to another one?

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Thanks. All Great Answers.

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Fortunately, no.

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There are certain folks here that I found annoying at one point in time, usually because they seemed like assholes or jerks or just plain rude, but then, later, I found myself agreeing with them and even giving them lurve. Some of the folks on here might simply be having a bad day, or they misunderstand your point, or some other thing. You can’t judge people for one answer, or even ten answers, because text is really hard to make your point with sometimes. I’ve thought a few of the people on fluther were real fuckups, and then, later realized I had judged them too harshly. They are okay in my book now, and one of them is even on this page. =) I even gave them lurve for a GA.

If all else fails, ignore them.

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Like @evelyns_pet_zebra there have been some members who I never thought could add anything productive to the collective. But then they sometimes come up with a really well-thought-out answer or pass on valuable information and I am in awe.

For this reason alone I am most happy that we do not have blocking. Just because someone gives an abrasive answer on one thread does not mean they have nothing to offer in another question.

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I have a greasemonkey script that removes questions from certain users. It is mostly used for people that constantly ask “How do I know if he/she likes me?” and other relationship questions. I got it working with user comments too. But I don’t use it on comments, just questions.

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<——-wonders if @johnpowell likes me, and how would I know? =)

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@evelyns_pet_zebra :: Only a few people are on the list. And I normally remove all the names every couple weeks. And add again as needed.

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I will love you long time if you pm me that script

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Sorry, no. Just practice ignoring my posts. You’ll get it down soon enough.

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I think DannyC put it the best. couldn’t have done better myself.

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It’s I’m really annoyed by the way a question is developing, I will just “stop following” it. And yes, there are certains posters whom I “stop following” sooner rather than later.

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You will have to use the magic of your mind. That or find a Greasemonkey script to do it for you, but then you’ll be way confused when that person makes a regular response that changes the discussion direction and you don’t see it but do see the subsequent discussions.

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I imagine it would look weird if only one or two people were blocked.

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I’m going to learn some JavaScript and make my own greasemonkey script

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Blocking is a bad idea. It was an option in the old AOL chat rooms years ago, and it just made it nonsensical when the people you had blocked were saying shit and other people were responding to it.

I’ve met some folks on here that I find a tad ‘trying’ but I feel no need to block them when it is just easier to skip over them, or ignore them completey. Besides, like @dannyc said waaaaaaay up there, you just might learn something from them someday. I have never been against learning, no matter the subject.

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@johnpowell – Hey, you just took Richard Nixon’s list and added some names!

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