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Why are eggs breakfast food?

Asked by InspecterJones (1052points) August 4th, 2009

I’ve wondered this for quite a while without a real answer.

Why do we eat eggs for breakfast?

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only some cultures eat eggs for breakfast. not all do.

probably they’re popular for breakfast because they’re high in protein and relatively quick to prepare in the morning.

and they go well with bacon.

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Perhaps because they tend to be gathered first thing in the morning, and so are easily available and fresh?

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I sort of agree with syz.

I eat eggs for dinner and lunch , usually fried with chinese sausages , onion or mixture of other ingredients.

For breakfast, its usually half or boiled eggs with pepper and a little soy sauce. My mom used to drop the raw eggs into hot chocolate for breakfast. It seems pretty common in the old times.

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Maybe because in the olden days when the rooster would wake you up in the morning you’d be so mad you’d just eat eggs to spite him.

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There’s actually a specific answer to this question. Edward Bernays, the pioneer of modern marketing strategies. Was hired by a bacon producer in the 1920s to promote their product. Up until then, bacon was consumed mostly at dinner, and the typical breakfast consisted of toast and coffee. Bernays saw an opportunity to expand the bacon market into the breakfast niche.

He got a doctor to write a report saying that a substantial breakfast was better for you, then got several other doctors to endorse this view in a survey. He used this survey as the centerpiece of a publicity campaign promoting bacon together with eggs (also never a common breakfast food) as the ideal breakfast.

Like almost all of Bernays’ other promotions, the campaign was wildly successful and changed the habits of the consuming public.

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@gggritso roosters don’t lay eggs.

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I like eggs for dinner.

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@Harp GA thread over

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@eponymoushipster Wow. You don’t say.

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Eggs in the morning, eggs in the evening, eggs at suppertime! When eggs are fried in the pan, you can eat eggs any time!

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@Harp Wow, awesome answer! Love it.

@The_Compassionate_Heretic Great minds must think alike :P

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We’re rebels like that. No one’s telling us when we can eat eggs.

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maybe hens lay most eggs at night? I have always felt slightly sorry for chickens I mean eggs are pretty big in comparison to their body size

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Farms gather the eggs during the daybreak. Better to see where your hand is poking into. Besides, its harder to walk out to the coop at night, you might step on a piece of farm animal crap along the way.

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