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Does 11:11 means anything?

Asked by Sisa (171points) January 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I saw 11:11 on my iPhone it’s seem like I never miss 11:11, so I wonder does it mean anything?

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Me too! It seems like I never miss it, and it creeps me out. I have no better answer for you other than, “You’re not the only one.” :D

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??? describe with more detail pls…

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If I’m not mistaken.. I believe World War I ended on November 11.

11:11:11 is the famous sequence.

11th hour, 11th day, 11th month

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It’s significance is supposed to be spiritual. There are a variety of theories on it. Here’s an interesting link:

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i always see the number 106 everywhere from time to random numbers in life the weird thing is thats my birthday. i think its some sub conscious thing now that i just look for it.

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Want to hear something even more f**ked up i see 11:11 everytime its on a clock even if the real time isnt 11:11 my ex’s birthday is nov.11 thats the 11 month and the 11th day she called me yesterday and my clock in my car is off but she called me when it reached exactly 11:11 i am haunted by the number 11:11 i hate it. Its like she haunts me!

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How bout this one i got even more to add to my old post…. My ex’s name is Lorin Taylor count that it is 11 letters my daughters name Melanie Buxo count that it is 11 letters the two women supposed to b in my life equal 11:11 on my birth certificate their are 2 dates each one ending in 11 other shit has been going on making this 11:11 thing weird as fuck for me.

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that’s weird.

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I know, when its that time, hold your breath and make a wish! If you can hold your breath until 11:12, you get your wish! (That is the elementary school answer.)

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