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How to remove marks from mugs?

Asked by zombiegoddess (4points) August 4th, 2009

i have mugs that have been used as pen/pencil holders how do remove the markings left inside so they can be use for drinking again?

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I’d gently use Comet.

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Sometimes when my mugs have hard-to-get-rid-of stains scrubbing them with a bit of baking soda does the trick for me. I’m not sure if that will make them drinkable again though. In fact I’m not really sure how poisonous pen/pencil residue is.

@jbfletcherfan That sounds like it could work but you’d better rinse really well afterward ;).

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Try that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or one of its clones. It has worked for me.

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1 Wash with soap and water.
2. Saturate a paper towel with Isopropyl Alcohol and use to wipe inside. This removes the ink.
3. Wash with a paste made from Bon Ami and water.

Rinse thoroughly

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@gggritso Oh, of course. Comet isn’t hard to wash out.

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Fill the sink with bleach and cold water, leave to soak and then wash as normal. Works with discoloured cutlery too!!

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Bicarbonate of soda or Borax , add enough water to make a paste then rub and rinse .

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