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Why is pubic hair curlier than head hair or other body hair?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) August 4th, 2009

Or is it not always? I am basing it only on my observation of a selection of pubic hair, which is, perforce, a limited sample.

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@teh_kvlt_liberal heh. pubes. hornier than the rest of the hair.

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It’s hard to beat the coils in my hair but I think mine is less curly…I think…I don’t let it get long enough to curl lol.

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Unlike most of the hair on the rest of your body, which are a remnant from the time when we needed hair to keep warm, pubic hair is in a place on the body that is relatively warm all the time (or is it just me?), so the function of pubic hair is provide a soft, cushion to protect sensitive parts, plus a bit of slickness to help prevent chafing.

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What @PerryDolia said and also because pubic hair grows in a closed and narrow/tight place (underwear makes a lot of pressure) not having enough space to grow normally like the rest of our hair

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@PerryDolia: Slickness? Your pubes are slick? I think that means it’s time for a bath…

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When mine grows out, it’s actually relatively straight. I gots dem freak pubes!

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@teh_kvlt_liberal Thanks for the information regarding the hormones. Do you suppose, then, there is no biological function or purpose? it is just a chemical side effect?

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@Marina Probably
no problem

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heh heh… it said your pubic hair is kinky…. you got that right…

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It’s so you don’t poke your eyes out.

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Lol! Wow, I never thought I would learn so much on Fluther! Thanks guys! :-)

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So it doesn’t poke me in the eye.

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Then why do Asians have straight pubic hair?

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dude… asian’s have perfect hair, that’s why.

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@ChazMaz: I think you met a freak Asian. As far as I know, most of us don’t.

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