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What happens after a MobileMe subscription is finished?

Asked by rawrgrr (1565points) August 4th, 2009

Does your e-mail still work? If you can’t have access to anything at all after the subscription is finished, is there a way to have your emails you recieve (from MobileMe) forwarded to another account even after MobileMe is expired?

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The MobileMe account status page announces, if you select “Close my Account” that you will no longer have access to your files on iDisk, and that your mail will not be forwarded. There are plenty of other (cheaper) services which duplicate or exceed MobileMe.

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MobileMe does have certain advantages if you have a mac and iPhone or mac laptop or any combination. $99 for a year isn’t that expensive for what you get given the services.

and you can set it up so you have a copy of all your email on your computer as well as the server, just like anywhere else.

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Okay but I’m interested in knowing if it does expire at the end of the month, can I still get my future email from that account forwarded to another even if subscription is expired?

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Log in to your MobileMe Account and see.

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What I would do is keep a current list of addresses that used that site. Then when it does laps send them an email with the new address your using.

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@Bri_L The thing is is that I want to keep the cool address.

Okay i’ve set up a MobileMe trial account. It let’s me forward all future incoming mail to my other email address. (My GMail. All I want is to keep the address hehe) and I’ve set up GMail to send e-mails from my address too. (GMail comes from heaven lets me do anything).

The problem is is that after MobileMe has expired, will I still recieve e-mails sent to my MobileMe that will be forwarded to my Gmail or will MobileMe close my account for good? Thanks hope that made sense.

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I think, if I understand you correctly, no. Because in essence your asking mobile me to function, that is act as if you are still paying them to do anything, when you are in fact not.

That is just me trying to reason this out.

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