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Does anyone know of any good online tools that allow you to find out where your site is ranked in Google?

Asked by inovica (4points) August 5th, 2009

Having recently been giving the working role of SEO person on a number of websites ran by my company I was wondering if anyone knows of any good online applications that let you see how your site ranks in Google based on they keywords you are using? Especially for those sites that aren’t yet making it into the top 10 pages of google – it can be quite a trawl to check where you are.

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I think that Google analytics can provide you with detailed metrics about your sites. For just a quick scan there is also Google’s own “PageRank”. Other programs exist that analyze data from site traffic – you do a cron job that aggregates the data and the programs interpret it for you.

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Download “Rank Checker” by SEO Book it easily does what other paid tools do and it doesn’t cost you a dime…

I would also (along with @pdworkin) suggest you use Google Analytics. It will give you important insights into who is using your site and their behaviors in using it.

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