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Should I join Blockbuster or Netflix to get movies in the mail?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) August 5th, 2009

I’ve heard positive and negative things about both of these services, but what’s your take on it? I’m looking to just get 1 or 2 out at a time, not really interested in streaming or downloading too much. Speed of delivery is a concern, as well as quality of the DVD’s shipped.

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Well, I can tell you that Ive been happy with The quality of DVDs and delivery time for netflix, but I haven’t tried blockbuster, so I don’t have any basis for comparison.

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I am VERY happy with Netflix. They deliver as soon as I send the previous one back and I’ve only had one dvd that was bad in the several years I belong.

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Netflix now includes a lot of free movie downloads (streams) with its membership fees. For a one-time $99 fee you can even purchase a Roku set-top box that streams these transparently to your TV, including HDTV. Kind of hard to resist, if you love movies that way I do.

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I even saw a DVD recorder that also allows for the Netflix stream that I have my eyes on.

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i love netflix. i mean think about it, if you get bored and have an internet connection, you can stream straight from the net. It does come in handy, and i love the selection, its more than blockbuster i will ever have. Plus if the movie isn’t available in your closest distribution center, they keep looking for it at other distro’s to get you your movie.

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I love Netflix as well. 3 day turnaround for me on getting new movies.

If you live close enough to a Blockbuster then you might be able to take advantage of going into the store and trading things. I considered doing that when I was deciding but realized I could only do in store trading twice a month (might have changed since I looked). So I went with Netflix’s streaming option instead.

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Psh, don’t give Blockbuster your business. They suck big time. They’re an awful company. They’re way behind on the times, they’re close to going out of business, they lie to get your money… I wouldn’t trust them with a blunt stick.

I’d go with Netflix. I so wish we had an actual Netflix distro here in Canada…

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I used netflix for a while, then switched to blockbuster thinking that the in-store exchange thing would be cool. Turns out I hate going into video stores. You just end up wandering for way too long and get mad that you wasted so much time.

I switched back to netflix (1 at a time) and I love it. Super fast delivery, superior website and decent selection of streaming videos.

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I have the three at a time Netflix and I absolutely love it. My kids pick out their movie’s and we watch them the day we get them, mail them back and have another one in 2 or 3 days. I get about 9 DVD’s a week for less than $20 a month.

I have had a few issues with DVD’s being unplayable. But I report it on the website, and get a replacement DVD sent right away. One time they even sent me some extra DVD’s from my queue, just to be nice I guess.

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I have Netflix and love it! Have never tried Blockbuster though. When I mail out a DVD to Netflix they get it the next day, the same day they mail a new movie on my list and I get it the next day. They don’t ship out on the weekends though and sometimes this catches me with nothing to watch.

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Yeah, I have Netflix too. I thought about getting Blockbuster because there are times when I’d like to just go grab a movie (Because I’m bad about remembering to mail my Netflix back, so when I’m in the mood for a movie I’ve often got one that I already wathed but never sent back), but that’s my fault, not Netflix’s.

Ultimately I stay with Netflix because, as @dynamicduo said, they’re a horrible shady company, and Netflix has an infinitely better movie selection than a movie store would. For me specifically, I like LGBT genre movies, and these are null at in-store movie rental places.

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It’s simple, Netflix has a MUCH MUCH MUCH bigger selection of DVDs. There’s nothing else to think about.

I mean, yes, Netflix lets your stream a pretty big selection of movies and shows. Yes, the turn around on a mailed dvd is around 2–3 days. Yes, their recommendation service is the best anywhere. All that doesn’t matter though cause Netflix always has everything you will ever want to rent and not just the big blockbusters.

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Additionally, with netflix you can watch movies and tv shows online.

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Netfllix. They are great, all the way around. The winning thing for me, the few times we’ve had a disc problem, it’s been resolved immediately, with no hassle.

The times I’ve had issues with Blockbuster discs, they always looked for an issue with us, not the discs – even with a clear scratch on the disc. Customer service at Blockbuster stinks, big time.

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Netflix is definitely the way to go. Besides being able to stream movies and programs through your television on the Roku box, you can do it also through an Xbox 360 system that has an online connection.

I have the 3 at-a-time membership and turnaround times are very quick, usually around 1 day. Netflix has a hub here in Phoenix, where I live, so that helps make it faster but they have hubs all over the United States so it is rather quick in many places.

On the “Watch Instantly” tab of the Netflix menu, that have a sub-menu called “Starz Play” which currently has around 1000 titles made up of recent Hollywood hits, classic movies, popular contemporary films, and several more categories. It is a really nice selection and a great feature.

The Netflix site currently boasts over 100,000 DVD titles along with over 12,000 movies and programs that can be watched instantly. It’s really hard to not to like that kind of selection or the dependable and affordable service that Netflix offers.

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I say try ‘em both. The Blockbuster in store trading is neat but I think our price point is kinda pricey.

I am currently using Netflix and am quite pleased.

I have used BBV (I work at one in SC) online before and the turn around was decent.

It all just depends on how it works for you. That’s why I say try both of them (one a month, of course).

Have fun.

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@Everyone! How good is the quality for the ‘watch instantly on your computer’ movies?

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If you have the bandwidth it’s great (720p).

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Netflix is cheeper and you can watch movies from your Computer and if you have an Xbox360. Or one of their boxes.

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I like Netflix myself.I was never big on Lackluster Video

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Netflix. In my opinion. I’ve boycotted Blockbuster since they refused to carry The Last Temptation of Christ, and that was a long, long time ago, so I even really know what services they provide these days. Plus, at least they used to, do drug tests on their employees, they take hair samples, they don’t just do urine tests. That’s intrusive, invasive. It’s a video store. They’re not flying airplanes or driving buses or trains. Maybe it’s silly, but I can be stubborn sometimes, and it matters to me. Though, to be honest, I don’t really know what Netflix’s policy on drug testing it, but I haven’t heard of them banning any movies. If anyone has any info on these things I would be interested in hearing it.

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