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Any boxers on this site? What are some training tips?

Asked by TabernakAttack (354points) August 5th, 2009

I know skipping, punching bag, running, burst pushups, shadow boxing, etc helps train, am I missing anything important? What are the exercises you (as a boxer/fighter) focus on? Any advice/tips to enhance punching (strength, speed, consistency) helps.

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although that stuff is kinda important in boxing, remember you also need defense and stamina. Your punches will slowly lose power during the course of the fight unless you have an insane amount of stamina. Stadium stairs and running will be great ways to increase stamina.

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Listening to “Eye of the Tiger” helped Rocky

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Sprints of any kind are good and to be honest as you get better (unless you surpass your coach & sparring partners in skill) more and more conditioning techniques will be revealed to you. If you are just learning right now I would spend 90% of my time focused on footwork and form, don’t concern yourself with power until you get good enough to step in the ring.

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Watch other spar, gives you some ideas on things NOT to do… Simple tricks to increase your stamina : 30 second punchouts (full stretch punches, left and right arm, non-stop) then 30 seconds off. You can do these on different intervals (10 on 10 off, 20 on 20 off, etc)... Once your body has adapted to that, do push-ups on you resting time. If you want to help your speed, do shadow boxing with 5 pound weights in each hand. If you want to work on your explosive punches, grab a partner and mimic the movement of jabs and right hands but throwing a 12 pound medicine ball to your partner. This should keep you entertained for some time!

Good luck bro!

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Be careful not to get too small of a size of boxer-briefs. They tend to hold your manly parts together a bit much.

If getting regular boxers, beware of “poking out” moments from the slit in the front.

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