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What brave thing have you done recently?

Asked by nebule (16446points) August 5th, 2009

I was brave today. I finally replied to email my Dad had sent me regarding a Christian’s take on the existence of evil…of which I disagreed with quite a bit. I actually told him the truth about what I thought…and I’m currently waiting for him to stop talking to me or tell me that I’m am completely out of order. can’t believe I’m a grown woman sometimes

So I’m congratulating myself even though I am now bricking it!!! What did you do recently that was brave and let’s all congratulate one another

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I went out to get the mail
then it started to rain so I ran back inside

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I was at my dad’s bedside when he died, and called all his friends (from a list he wrote) to tell them of his passing.

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I hand in my resignation letter 2 weeks ago.

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I asked out a woman I like today.

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In answering a question, I told my Psych class and facilitator that I don’t plan to have a career in psychology and don’t plan on doing volunteer work while in school. I could hear the gasps through my screen lol.

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Congrats Lynne! :)

I went whitewater rafting for the first time in June. It was class IV/V rapids and the water was really high because of the record snow pack from the past season. The guides were excited for such great conditions but it made me very nervous. Our guide did not look very happy that he had several amateurs on the raft. They kept stressing how dangerous it was and that our life was in our own hands if we fell off.

I ended up paddling like a pro even though it was my first time, I didn’t fall out and I had the best time of my life.

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asked out a pretty girl today like TCH :). date’s tomorrow night.

she’s absolutely smokin too… and a physics major like me!

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I rode in a helicopter. And it was amazing.

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I helped my cat dislodge a stool and then (tried to) clean her fur. :(

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I had a real, heart-to-heart conversation with my little sister.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Looks like we’re 1 for 2 there. Good luck tomorrow.

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I semi-recently told my more religious friends and my Bubbe that I’m agnostic. I wasn’t sure how they’d react. They’re all okay with it now, but a few tried to argue with me about it at the time.

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I sent nude pictures of myself to nuns.

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I cut off a skin tag with a razor blade.

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@Lotsoflaughs I spoke back to a fluther mod once or twice. I didn’t get suspended. Maybe it was the way you spoke to this mod? hmmm….

btw Welcome to Fluther! :)

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ya exactly they have no sense of humor and dont even read their own guidelines yet impose them as if it is what the persons intentions where. pretty funny stuff considering its a website to post chats. think its more like power issues

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@Lotsoflaughs Welcome to Fluther, but actually, this is not a website to “post chats.” If that is your understanding of this site, perhaps you need to take a better look at the rules before you go around calling the mods power-hungry.

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I went outside!

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I went on /b/

Please kill me now.

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I wrote a letter to my father telling him why I haven’t wanted him in my life; we haven’t spoken in a few years.

I haven’t mailed it…yet. (I can be brave again.)

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I have to have a medical procedure during which people are often highly drugged but still awake so they don’t feel any pain (think camera in your body). But I have really bad anxiety, particularly with unnatural changes to my senses, and being under any narcotic influences.

So I was brave because I told my doctor about this (I’m usually very embarrassed about my anxiety), and he was very understanding and clarified that I will actually be asleep for the procedure. I was so proud of myself.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic & @ABoyNamedBoobs03One day I’ll actually initiate a conversation when I meet a man I’m attracted to. Good show for both of you!

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I helped my cat out of the tree, she chased Mr Squirrel way up there- I suppose that doesn’t count. Ok, I basically told my boss to f-off, after he felt my task was an easy task and finally realized indeed it was quite a puzzle and then became even more p-off.

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Nothing I can think of, but I feel how some of you had to muster up much courage and to those who took the bull by the horns, bravo..and lurve.

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I guess nothing.

I’m a chicken shit.

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it’s ok to be a chicken shit too! :-)

Well done everyone!!! keep em coming!!


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Well in light of last night, I will be taking a cross country bus trip… 2.5 days one way.

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oh god…what happened last night? did I miss something?

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I got on stage last night, in front of hundreds of people. That’s not brave at all, because I’ve done that hundreds of times in my life. But I did not know who could be in the audience, and I’ve been attacked recently, and it was very possible that there were people in there who would like to harm me. If there were, they got drowned by everybody else. Show went great. I collapsed right after it was all over.

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Congratulations Jack..well done you!! xxx

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Hi, Lynne! I’ve been very brave for several weeks now. There is a very real threat to my little family, but we’re quite happy and solid together on the inside, despite the troubling issues plaguing us from the outside. I still have miles to go….....
Jack, what is your field, that includes being on stage? Congrats on how well the show went :)

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I confronted a friend who called someone a faggot. Silence is complacency, and I didn’t want to stay silent when such an ugly and ignorant word is said like it isn’t a big deal.

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