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Why doesn't load properly on the ps3?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) August 6th, 2009

By that i mean ,i can’t see any Q’s nor anything else. Other than ask a Q, have i done something wrong with a setting o is this normal…I don’t even know if this will post

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If you’re not gonna see it, why should I bother answering?
And if you were planning to check it on a phone or computer – why wouldn’t you post your question from there?

My guess would be because you’re viewing it from a PS3.

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The PS3 has a web browser?

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Most likely because the PS3’s browser is much different than any others, and very few people (you’re probably the only one) are using it, so Bendrew don’t want to take the time to ensure it works on that platform.

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@asmonet I asked from the ps3 because i was on the ps3 and not the pc !
I just wanted to check it out on the ps3 , before i played a game without loading the pc up . It would be good to be able to use the ps3 to see and use fluther .

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@eambos right on.

I haven’t once looked at/thought about ps3 compatibility.

Cool that you could ask this question, but making Fluther work properly on ps3 is a pretty low priority for us.

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@ben Thanks that’s all i needed to know :)

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