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$99 BlackBerry Storm Now, or Indefinite Wait for Storm 2 and +$100?

Asked by ralex (30points) August 6th, 2009

So here the dilemma… My BlackBerry Curve went on the fritz and I decided “what the heck, let’s see about upgrading rather than just replacing!” I’ve been looking at the Storm for some time and, now that it’s grown past it’s initial release problems, it seems to be a stable system.

As it turns out, Verizon is now selling them for $99 because the Storm 2 is due out “soon” – likely November, but nobody really knows.

The improvements seem to be:

-WiFi (not a huge deal for me)
-More application memory (potentially appealing)
-Tighter screen (I don’t think I’d dislike the current one though)

Most hardware and software seems to be about the same though.

So the question is this – do I hold out for the newest one, which will cost me $199, require a couple to several month wait and have (likely) only minor improvements, or spend the $99 now to get the current version?

My fear is, given that RIM hasn’t really confirmed any features, that there will be something remarkably wonderful in the new one that I didn’t anticipate and I’m going to kick myself for not waiting. But is it worth the extra $100? Would I be just as happy with the current Storm at the better price? Should I not worry about it, because there will always be a new, better gadget on the horizon?

Would love to hear from people who have genuine input, not just people who love to bash BlackBerry and hold up the iPhone as their lord and savior.

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In my opinion, you should go ahead and buy the current Storm. The improvements to the Storm 2 are most likely minuscule and not all that great. You shouldn’t worry about it because, as you said, there’s always something newer and cooler out on the market; as soon as you buy that Storm 2, something even better will come out. Plus, that’s a long wait to deal with when you have a screwed up phone, and not really worth $100+.

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I’d go for it now. $99 sounds like a good deal!

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bought mine for 99, I love it. very few complaints. you just have to get used to the touch screen.

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If your current phone is out of action and you need a new phone then you need a new phone now and don’t have the luxury of waiting to see what will apear down the line. With most technology being constantly updated there is always the risk that whatever you get will be replaced by something new and better in a couple of months. Just look at the new Macbooks, iPods etc they are updated year on year, sometimes more often (not the Apple TV though, for some reason). There’s a new better, faster graphics card out every other week (and yet it’s still almost impossible to play Crisis with everything turned to max). If you wait for the next big thing then you will be constantly waiting becasue there will always be something new and better around the corner.

And what do you mean the Jesus phone isn’t your lord and saviour?

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Well WiFi comes in super handy. From what i hear, the new storms also gonna be a lot more stable in terms of OS but they’ll probably update the current one too. Go with the current one if tou don’t need the features.

Btw have you looked the Blackberry Javelin 8900 ? I found it to be the best blackberry i’ve used. Like honestly if i ever, gave up my iphone i’d get it in a heartbeat

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You should get a Tour.

The storm is a great phone and all, I had one till I upgraded to the Tour, the problem with it is that the Blackberry OS was designed with a keyboard in mind. Its really as simple as that. Also, most applications are made with a keyboard in mind as well. There are just too many things you can do on the storm.

Such as:

Being able to start typing and have it pull up contact instantaneously.
Assign and use Speed Dials easily.
Use keyboard shortcuts within every menu.
The list goes on…

Just think of every instance where you use the keyboard to speed up and make your life easier on the curve. That just isn’t gonna happen on the storm. If all that is fine with you then get it cause its a great phone otherwise.

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