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Who or what should I follow on Twitter?

Asked by erichw1504 (26391points) August 6th, 2009

I’ve had a Twitter account for about a month now and I only follow a couple people. Things I’m interested in are news, movies, sports, computers, internet, stuff like that. Are there some good, interesting people or organizations that I should follow to keep up-to-date with?

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OK so I’ve read the details now

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Don’t be a follower, be a leader!

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When the Tour de France was going on, it was interesting to follow Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong). He updated quite a bit and it gave a different perspective to the event.

I’m sure whatever sport you’re interested in there has to be one of the players on twitter…

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“tferris” and “kevinrose” always have interesting things to say.

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@Lightlyseared: I told you the topics I am interested in. I’m not sure of any exact person or organization, that’s why I am asking.

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At the moment there isn’t much to follow.
It seems there was a DDOS-attack on it an hour or so ago.
See link

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@rebbel: Yeah, it’s top news on CNN… aahhhhh!

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@fluther, obviously.

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I’m pretty awesome follow willbrawn

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Look at the people you follow now. See who they follow and go from there.

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there are whole websites devoted to recommending things you might be interested in, and what twitterers <?> are “hot”.


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@eponymoushipster is right, there are directories for this. In fact, Kevin Rose made one and it’s fairly popular, it’s called WeFollow

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Here are some interesting Twitter accounts

@whitehouse @NASA @CERN @burningman @PotLegalization @algore @current @TheOnion

And check #followfriday to discover new people.

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Search for things that interest you and follow the people who are tweeting about them.

Or me :) @daethian and @howardsternfan

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dita von teese!

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