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What should I wear to my court house wedding?

Asked by Lalalauren101 (4points) August 6th, 2009

Me and my fiance are getting married next month. We were planning on waiting but then last night he said he didn’t want to. So today, I’m frantically searching for someone to tell me what to wear at the wedding. It is a court house wedding and I really don’t think a wedding dress is appropriate, and I don’t have that kind of money to spend on one. So a sundress maybe? Or what. I would really appreciate some ideas and opinions.

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Anything you wear will be fine with him, I assure you.

Wear something a bit dressy, festive, and makes YOU feel special/beautiful.

He will love it.

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Some people do wear gowns for courthouse weddings. A suit works. A sundress seems just a little casual.

Really, it is what you like and feel comfortable in.

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A sundress sounds a little casual to me, but that’s strictly my opinion.

As it’s August, you may be able to find some good sales on summer dresses. Do you have a color (or colors) that you feel looks great on you? Start there and then work through different styles. Even though the ceremony will be in September, it could still be quite warm, so maybe something sleeveless but with a jacket. I like this style but would pair it with a jacket. Again, looking for a color that works for you.

Wow! I made that link thingy show up!

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I got my wedding dress from Alfred Angelo check out their “little white dresses”. They are bridal, but casual and summery! I got married in August in Vegas, and wore a right below the knee length dress.
Oh, and it’s like David’s Bridal, but classier IMO. It’s not expensive at all!

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Oooh, wear a small spray of baby’s breath in your hair! It’s special without being too much.

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Dress as if it was a nice dinner date. If you like how you look I’m sure he will too and will not analyze it too much. Congratulations!

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My opinion – this is the one event of your whole life that is truly and entirely about you. Therefore, you should wear whatever the heck you darn well please. Forget “appropriate”, forget “how it would look”. Forget absolutely EVERYTHING other than “What do I want to be wearing?” This is YOUR day, and no one and nothing else should be a concern.

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As far as your groom is concerned, what you wear underneath is the most important thing.

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@casheroo Frig, I just spent like half an hour looking at those dresses!!

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This dress from JCrew would be gorgeous in white, it’s casual enough for you to wear it again, and it’s on sale for 99 bucks.

This one also from JCrew is more elegant, but also easy to wear again. Take a look at these two, then look through the bridesmaids dresses on this site – then see what comes in white. They’re well-made, classic and come in a lot of different styles to suit all body types.

Congratulations and good luck finding your dress!

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Welcome to fluther and congratulations. @sccrowell and I married in a civil ceremony about a month and a half ago. It is a rather long story but it came down to the seamstress not having the dress ready as promised, me suggesting we get married in the nude, the two of us seriously considering driving hundreds of miles to be married by @AstroChuck…all with assistance and encouragement from all our fluther friends. If you find yourself bored with some time to kill, wedding day is here , a night or two before can be found here (with the fine bonus of @Blondesjon’s genitalia spilling off my lips) and it all started here with my proposal to Sherry right here on fluther. Or, maybe you should do it in reverse order, which would make it chronological. Pour yourself a tall glass of wine and have fun…we all did! See ya…Gary aka wtf

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