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Where can I get an iPod firewire cable?

Asked by ezraglenn (3499points) January 12th, 2008

I found my sister’s old ipod [third generation, I beleive. 15 BG, black and white, the one with the touch sensitive buttons and the touch sensitive click wheel…] and I kind of want to start using it (I loved that iPod) but I can’t find any firewire cables to plug it into my mac with in order to get music onto it. I am charging it on my iHome, which works, surprisingly.

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I found a replacement cable by Belkin at walmart. Good luck!

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You can get FireWire cables at Apple stores or probably any Apple-approved retailer (I think FireWire is owned by Apple). You could also just use the standard iPod USB connector, couldn’t you?

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No, the older ipods only work with firewire, unfortunately.

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I’m pretty sure the Apple store would still carry the firewire cable, or be willing to order it for you. I recently went in to see about updating a couple of things on my Powerbook G4 and they still had both batteries and ram in stock. Good luck, I hope you can find it!

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Just to clarify for anyone that doesn’t know: The 3rd-generation iPod has the standard iPod dock connector, but it’s firewire rather than USB. It’s still available on the Apple Store site for $19 US, though I’d suspect you could find one on Ebay for less.

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Actually the 3g iPod supports both USB and FireWire. So, if you have another USB-dock cable lying around, you could always just use that. FireWire is faster though, esp. when transfering large amounts of data. So of you want FireWire specifically, you might have to hunt for someone that has one still in stock: Apple stored or other retailers would be a good bet. If you just want a cable that works, anywhere that sells iPods should have a USB to dock cable. There was also someone that made a USB and firewire to dock cable at one time that you might still find. Good luck!

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Maverick: That cable’s still in the Apple Store online. Thanks for correcting me. Of course you’re right I’d completely forgotten, even though I owned it. Doh. Mea culpa. Etc.

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I found one in a drawer somewhere, but it turns out the disk is damaged so it only holds 1.97GB. boo.

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You might want to try doing a “restore” just to see if formatting the drive beings back the rest of your storage. If you’re concerned about losing the music on the iPod, back it up first using Senuti or iPodDisk (Google for links).

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