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Does the relationship between you and your friends change when you have a girlfriend?

Asked by borchert (31points) January 12th, 2008

because the more time you will stay with your gf,some party you cant join in ,the time time you stay witt friends became less and less,gradually the relationship become indefferent and estranged

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Only if you become a different person to them.

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maybe we can try to balance the both sides

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My take on it is – if your relationship with your friends changes because you have a girlfriend, either your relationship with them wasn’t right to begin with or your relationship with your girlfriend has something wrong with it. Only examining yourself will show which it is.

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Could just be growth and change. We aren’t static beings. Maybe your relationship with your girlfriend changes you, for the better. And those changes affect who you want to be around and how you want to spend your time.

Live life out of your imagination not your history.

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It can. It probably will. It probably should if you think about it. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. As Mangus said, we are not static beings. With or without a girlfriend the demands on us as men or women change us as we get older as well. As do the demands on our time. The demands on our resources. Your buddies girlfriends will change them to. Then their girlfriends will meet your girlfriend and that will change.

Good luck.

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personally i think they change in some friendships. like cwilbur said some good friendships won’t change only there would be less time to hang out with them. But why not integrate your girlfriend with your circle of friends that would make of better times with them and your girlfriend.

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From my experience, when friends become involved in a relationship, the time you spend with them gets cut in half or less. They may still be your good or great friend, but relationships tend to take first priority, friendships 2nd priority even if you think you’re trying to balance them out equally. Here’s a quote that I found enlightening as more of my friends got married, “The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” As I grew older I was frustrated by the distance created by the relationships my friends were in that was reducing our normal friendship hang out time. Then read that quote and just accepted reality and that there are plenty of friends to make in the world that are single that will have plenty of time to hang out with you until you are the one involved in a relationship and dedicate much of your time to it. Now I’m not saying you totally alienate your friends, but the fact is, less time is spent with them.

So…..does the relationship change – no. Does the amount of time you spend with your friends change, yes.


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id say yes..because from my own experience and what ive seen..some tend to draw more attention to their significant others when theyre in a relationship and they will only go to their friends when they need help or of theyre having problems with their partners…friendships do change a bit but sometimes it also ends up getting them closer

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only if you change

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