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What job can I get now that I am 16 and how do I apply?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) January 13th, 2008

What job can I get now that I am 16 and how do I apply?

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Just about anything you’re qualified to do. If you have any specific skills, look for an entry-level job using those skills. Otherwise, take whatever sounds good and pays well.
To apply, go in on a weekday between 9:00 and 4:00 and ask to speak to the manager. Don’t bring a friend. Wear clean clothes and speak intelligently.

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Common jobs for someone your age could be: landscaping, fast food, working in a retail store as a cashier, stocking/inventory, or sales assistant, working in a restaurant as a bus boy/girl or host/hostess, working for a country club or hotel as a banquet worker, working at a mall kiosk or store, or working for a small business such as an auto garage, parts store and the like basically handling clean up, odd jobs and errands.

What you’ll be learning in jobs like these are basic customer service skills, the “hard” skills required to do the job (i.e. cleaning, food prep, running a cash register, running a lawnmower, etc), and how to get along with a manager and coworkers.

Before I give you a bit of advice, let me tell you that my first job was working at a Taco Bell in a popular local shopping mall in the 1980’s at a time when Taco Bell seemingly exploded with popularity. This meant a lot of fast and furious work for minimum wage which was $3.35/hr at the time. While I learned many things working there, what I wish I had known then is that I probably could have landed a cushier job. I was very book smart and very responsible and probably could have earned $6/hr or more working as a file clerk in a law office or in a similar office job. So my advice is to talk to adults who know your strengths and ask them about a good place for you to start, because they by virtue of their experience may have good ideas that aren’t something that you’d think of.

Food service, by the way, isn’t a bad way to go if you can find a situation where you’re getting tips and you can work flexible and/or evening hours. You’ll have money in your pocket every day if you work at a popular place for tips.

Lastly, figure out what your transportation situation is and limit your job search based on that. Only apply to places where someone can drive you, you can walk, you can take the bus/subway, or if you have a car that you can drive to. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll be spending gas money too, and from your job and if it pays too low, it might not be worth taking unless there’s some good experience involved. About the same time as the Taco Bell job came along, I found a pool boy job that I was really excited about, but that required driving 20 miles every morning to pick up the work truck. I was offered the job, but had to turn it down, because my parents weren’t going to drive me that distance every morning.

Good luck.

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I know several kids (14 and up) who started learning small skills (CSS or HTML or something) Then, they’d start connecting with Mac software developers. Inevitably, they’d ask if they could help on stuff and make good money from work they could do from their bedroom. (probably not full-time income, but at 16, you should be focusing more on your MySpace page. ;-)

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