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Why does my right leg always fall asleep on the toilet?

Asked by InspecterJones (1052points) August 7th, 2009

What am I doing wrong?

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Maybe you are keeping it still for too long and are trapping a nerve thus making it go numb. A solution would be to move it around every few minutes to avoid this or try to find a new position to sit on the toilet that relieves some strain on the leg.

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Sometimes positional paraesthesias can reveal a problem. It’s worth mentioning this to your Doctor at your next regular checkup.

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Wide stance?

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@filmfann First truly funny post I’ve seen on Fluther so far (well, I’m a newbie.)

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It can smell!

Bad joke, I know, but I couldn’t resist.

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Maybe you are “thinking” too hard.

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Your toilet isn’t level.

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You stay on the Toilet too long. It’s been happening to me ever since I found out I had Tiger Woods Golf on my Nokia E71…

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Definitely nerve entrapment. Shift around, don’t lean on your knees (that seems to pinch it more). Your ischium or “sitting bones” are shaped like this which you would think would make it uncomfortable to sit at all… but sitting for a long time on a hard surface or the narrow balancing act we do on the pot makes that bone impinge down onto the nerves.

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You are a cheek leaner. Tilt the other way.

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Jesus thinks poop is evil. he’s punishing you.

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@se_ven Try Fluthering on the toilet. Guaranteed sleepy right leg.

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Perhaps it is just a lucid dream…

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You could also try putting down a telephone book or a small stool to put your feet on. This would raise the leg up and take some of the pressure off. It’s worth a try.

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I noticed that a leg tends to sleep when the blood flow is restricted. It could be that when you sit down, most of your body’s weight rests on the back of your thigh restricting some blood flow. Leaning with your elbows over your legs would add more pressure too.

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in the southern hemisphere, the LEFT leg falls asleep

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Mine does too. It’s the way you sit. I have a tendency to lean forward and to the right putting most of my upper body weight on that leg thereby cutting off the circulation. Is this what you’re doing?

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@everybody I guess it probably is the way I sit. I tend to lean forward. That idea about the phone book thing is worth a try. Also, I should probably just not stay in there for so long reading. I think there is going to be an investment into a cushioned seat as well.

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Maybe you should put it in bed earlier when the rest of you goes to sleep. :-)

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I suspect you might be sitting on it for to long.

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A padded toilet seat will eliminate this problem. buy at KMart.

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