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Does the new iPod nano have Internet capabilatyies without having to hack it?

Asked by atr408 (357points) January 13th, 2008
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No, it doesn’t have a network card, so you can’t.

Maybe there will come cards which connect via the iPod dockconnector, but don’t count on it.

By the way: your battery will drain sooner because of power consumption.

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About the battery thing, it’s true. But not to valid since there’s no card anyway.

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No. And it’s spelt capabilities.

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how can anyone think this? i should open up a new topic just for this one, how the hell can someone think the nano supports wireless ?

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iwaoto* cause its a fuking question

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@Mungral Go dig up old questions…learn how to spell the names of fellow users…contribute instead of comment… preferably change your atitude or…you could just delete your account and go bitch somewhere else.

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