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Do you think that is possible for humans to get rid of war sometime in the future?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) August 8th, 2009

I think this would be a huge step forward for our civilization but is it possible?

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It’s definitely possible, but it’s highly unlikely that it will ever happen.

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I don’t want to say there isn’t a chance. but Humanity is savage in nature.

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No. Power and greed will always corrupt.

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On a much smaller scale, I enjoy playing war simulations and games on my Xbox360 or my iPhone or even board games (chess). It’s easy to see why select people at the top of the food chain enjoy manipulating us into wars.

“cuz mine is bigger than yours!”

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What’s up with all these war questions?
I seriously think that there is no way in the near/far future that there is going to be peace in the world. We can make it a safe environment, but war is always going to exist. Call me pessimistic or whatever, but you can’t control other people’s greed/envy and need/want to destroy the world.

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@Deepness Freud actually theorised that chess is a form of ‘mental masturbation’ and that’s why the pieces are shaped as they are

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@Nially_Bob Freud is a fool. I’ve never ejaculated while playing chess. I’ve never even caught a boner while playing chess.

Just kidding. I understand your point. Actually, his point.

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I think that could be a reality if something really huge happens in our history. Some event that change the mind of the majority of human beings. Something beyond religions and politics that irrefutably change the mind of our species and bring union in the world. But as long as religious, political, racial and sexual differences exists… war will exists.

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I remember being in like 10th grade, and learning about WWII and all the very complicated things that lead up to it and each chronological action. At the end of a long lecture about the part every one played and why they did what they did, my teacher said something to the effect of “You have to put it into perspective to see that there’s no “good” and “evil” in war. We can’t just decide to not war, we can’t just have “peace”, it’s just not that simple.”

That always stuck with me. As an adult when I see things like “Peace Rally” at my school, it seems to so silly and passive. I understand that those types of action help the activist, but they have to realize that it does not help the cause.

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@Deepness Well some of us have a thing for rooks damn it!
It’s objectively improbable that there’s any relation but it’s an interesting thought.

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One well placed nuclear bomb ought to put an end to it. Of course, that’s also likely to put an end to humanity, or at least civilization, as well.

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It could happen quite quickly. Perhaps a year at the outside. Maybe even months. But the right conditions would have to be in place first.

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There was an episode on “Outer Limits” (or maybe “Twilight Zone”) where all of the countries came together when there was an imminent alien attack on the earth. Maybe that’s how we come together, i.e., having to work together to protect the human race. And it need not be aliens from space. Swine flu just might do it.

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@Quagmire that was Outer Limits “Architechs of Fear”, which was ripped off in Watchmen.

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Simply put: NOPE!

Hate to be pessimistic, but angry people will always be, regardless of how educated they are! War may stop for a number of years, but to truly end? Man, human kind isnt even grown enough for that! Man kind is merely half grown!

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edit: Architects of Fear

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Yes, when the weapons that can eradicate humanity fall into the right hands.

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@ratboy Or when the hands that control the weapons that can eradicate humanity, become right.
As well?

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I really doubt it, it’s in human nature to have differing opinions (survival of the fittest, a wider gene pool, etc) and some people will always be unable to agree to disagree.

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@ratboy So, we can reach peace by fearing those hands that can destroy us all…

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@clodoveo I simply meant that war will cease once our species is annihilated.

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Not until we get rid of religion and money because isn’t that what all wars are intrinsically about!

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@rooeytoo Yeah, and not just religion and money, we can also talk about information, land, food, even sex or love could cause a war… actually it’s all about power and greed.

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Get rid of nationalism and patriotism and you have a chance. Plus, stop thinking that one country, race, or location in the world is “owned” by virtue of living or existing in a majority there. Thus in about 500 years, I am predicting.

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Possibilities are fascinating notions to ponder along the journey. Clearly, a strong desire for peace by and for humans must lie at the heart of any serious effort, if we are ever able to rid ourselves of war in the future. Yet, surprisingly, humans are human, and human things occur, when humans are left to the challenge, which leaves us all depending on humanity to play a significant role in this drama.

My desire for world peace met a great obstacle about 40 years ago, this year, as I was driving around 2:00 AM on Friday, August 15th along the northern border of Pennsylvania, on the edge of the swollen shores of the trout infested waters know as the Susquehanna River. I was debating this very topic with my fellow band members. We were known as “the Circles”, an anti-war themed folk-rock trio featuring three part harmonies and an acoustic blend of guitar, bass and viola. Having just recorded some rough tracks in L.A., for our first single, “Home Sweet Home”, we abruptly halted the recording session and darted back across America, as we were invited to be on stage the very first day of what at the time was called The Woodstock Music & Arts Fair.

As we were negotiating a treacherously unstable section of uncharted country roads, oh yeah, seriously folks, in a Red VW Micro Bus, the debate about world peace and our role in it erupted into a horrific argument. Was the mission of our band, promoting world peace, best served by abandoning the recording of our first song, just to simply perform a half dozen tunes at some outdoor concert in a cow pasture in upstate New York? How could this make any difference? The record could potentially reach far more people than just one gig! Bla, bla, bla…

Well, we were humans, in a hot and heavy human disagreement, with everyone in the band having a different human opinion. Our driver, and manager, a human moron named Turner, was opposed to leaving L.A. I was determined to be at the festival. Everyone else was in the middle and nothing was agreeable to anyone, except when we all clutched each other desperately, in an adrenaline moment, as we were suddenly rocked by the loud popping sound of one of our tires bursting. The bus began to swerve, and miraculously Turner seamlessly descended into one of his typical marijuana-induced zones of clarity and zen-like focus, smoothly steering us with one hand, sideways, coasting on two wheels through a churning current of sputtering gravel to arrive with a screaming twist of heavy metal, when we kissed a guard rail, which ripped opened the side of the bus like a can of sardines. In the silence, the beautiful Susquehanna River welcomed us all into the perfection of her bucolic world with babbling and cooing, amidst a backdrop of a jillion horny creepers rubbing their legs together in bristling harmony as they all prepared to mate in the grass below us.

Well. We lived. All of us. But, we never made it to Woodstock, as Turner, you see, neglected to secure a spare tire for the bus, something every tour manager out there know you need to GET RIGHT! And so, on that night, amazingly, “the Circles” broke up. We never finished the record, we never played together again, and our dreams of contributing to the peace movement in hopes of ridding the world of war ended.

Well, we still have war today. And you know, I marvel at the human desire within these awesome humans who champion the cause of freedom around the world, and I weep every time they are thwarted in their heroic attempts. It’s hard. Real hard, what they strive to do. Tiananmen Square, Rwanda, Iran…

And so, I am ashamed that “the Circles” dissolved and abandoned the desire to rid the world of war, through music, over a flat tire. Because, I believe, honestly, that rock and roll can save the world, that’s the point of all of this you know. I mean really end war. If humans could just pack the bus appropriately, write some kick butt anthems, and then all agree on the mission.

What more do we need? Right?

Oh yeah, well, I guess, we just need to never give up.

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Like Modest Mouse sang, “Good old Nostradamus/He knew the whole damn time/There’d always be an east from west/And someone in there fighting”

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@chanteezer welcome to fluther. Lurve

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No, it is not possible. Ambition is a basic principle of existence and survival, and as long as ambition remains there will be people who attempt to use unethical means (such as violent force) to fulfil their ambition.

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Yes, but I think it will take another 40 years.

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It is very possible. It takes the total commitment of about 10% of humanity. After 10%, the wingnuts automatically fall in place.

But it will probably not happen until the day comes when thousands of people can stand together in silence without fear of the dream ending.

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