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Which iPhone speakers/docking station should I get?

Asked by elanakin (63points) August 8th, 2009

I just bought the Klipsch iGroove SXT but the speakers don’t sound amazing.

Which speakers will have the best sound quality while being compatible with the iPhone (ie. it must charge the phone and not interfere with it’s cellular functions). I’d like to spend somewhere between $100—$200.

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my sister has an iHome, and she’s quite pleased with it. it even has a remote.

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Yup I’d go with the iHome, works great and it’s pretty.
They vary in price too so that’s good.

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I have one by Altec Lansing. They have a long standing reputation for making high quality speakers

Only cost around $80

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I’ve got a couple, but the one that sounds best is my Onkyo CBX 300. It may stretch your budget a little buy has great great features and sounds rich and powerful. It’s worth a look :-)

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Like another one of the reviewers, I found this at WalMart, open box, paid $40 (normally $80). The sound is rich, full, and amazing; it looks and feels like a more expensive box, and goes very loud without distortion. Leans a little bass-heavy, but you can adjust with your iPod’s EQ if you wish.

So coming from a sound geek, it’s a pretty good value at either price. I also bought Griffin’s wireless speakers (Evolve) awhile back from Craigslist, paid $150 cash (orig. $300), and that system can’t hold a candle to the iStereo!

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I’ve had a wonderful experience with the Bose Sound Dock…. great sound… easy to use…. love it.

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This isnt made specifically for connection to an iPod but sound quality will be nearly unmatched while still being portable.

For home only use B&O also makes active speakers that automatically adjust to sources and contain dedicated amplification.

This is the easiest way to properly ‘drive’ a listening room without any other components. Sound quality and imaging will be stunning.

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Thanks for all the responses. I decided on the Bose Sound Dock. It was definitely a bit expensive but it really had the best sound quality of all the units I tried. I usually avoid the high end electronics but there was a noticable quality difference that I could not ignore.

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Sonos just came out with a dock that hooks up to your home router, streams iTunes Rhapsody and Napster and your library.

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