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Is my house haunted?

Asked by tammy444 (94points) January 13th, 2008

i live in a very old house alot weird stuff happens/light on and off radios go on by there self door knobs turn on the basement door walking up stairs no one there/maybe if i was a little crazy it would help living here don,t tell me you never lived in a spooky house?

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I think you should read the book “Beloved” by Toni Morrison. The first half the book is what you describe.

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I have lived in at least two haunted houses, and I assure you, my mental health is ironclad. I guess it all depends on what your spiritual philosophies are.

One, is my parent’s home in an historical neighborhood and our house was built by the man who helped invent the television. Lights turn off and on intermittently, the lights blink when we talk about him, and sometimes it looks like you can see him standing in the upstairs window when you come around the corner. He appears to be friendly, though and we’ve lived peacefully with him for years. Of course we’ve considered that it’s the wiring, etc. but there are too many coincidences.

In the second, I was living by myself and just never felt like I was alone. I’d see strange shadows, things would move when I wasn’t home and then there was the bed shaking. Many times, wherever I was sleeping (couch, bed) the bed would start shaking as if someone had grabbed it from the bottom and was shaking it vigorously. I tried to explain this away for years(fault line, small earthquakes, seizures, trains, wind) but it was too intense and consistent to be explained. I mentioned it only to a few friends until multiple guests staying at my house noticed it too.

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Honestly I’ve never experienced anything paranormal. I do believe in the existence of hauntings, though. Depending on which religion you follow if any, you might be able to cope with what it might be in those terms.

It might be risidual which plays itself out like a record by events in time without having knowledge of you being there.

It might be an intelligent haunting that can interact with you and the environment. I suggest delving into some paranormal research and finding out what type of “problem” you have here.

Knowledge is power my friend.

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No, you’re just gullible. Or mentally ill based on your previous questions.

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@Spargett—I don’t think there’s any reason for name-calling. You really have no basis by which to make such claims.

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I had a 4-plex, in one apartment the one above mine all the tenants, 4 during the 10 years I owned it reported weird stuff. Like footsteps, water going on in the kitchen, sounds of the windows and cupboards opening and closing. I never witnessed any of this, and there was nothing mechanically wrong with the kitchen faucet. I even replaced it with a new one. My sister was one of the tenants and once I was there and we were watching TV her three year old daughter got up from the couch and opened one of the bedroom doors and said “I told you to be quiet” then came back to the couch and sat down. My sister and I laughed so hard, we joked about her talking to the ghosts.

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I had a house that was haunted until my ex-wife moved out.

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