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What is the name of that pin thing?

Asked by PerryDolia (3470points) August 9th, 2009

What is the name of that pin thing?

It is made of like a thousand pins put into a block of plastic, maybe six inches square. You put your face or hand against it and it makes the shape of the object in the pins.

What is it called?

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I don’t think it has an actual name, every time I’ve heard it referenced it’s just been “pin art.”

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OK, “Pin Art”, although I like “pinscreen” better.

Also, Office Playground looks like a cool site.


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From @teh_kvlt_liberal‘s link, the generic name seems to be “pinscreen,” and Pin Art is a specific brand or model.

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Though there have been many styles and brands of this amusement, the first one I’ve seen came out in late 80’s under the name “Pin-pressions.”

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I wonder if anyone ever got hurt using one of these. They look like an accident waiting to happen.

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The pinscreen was invented by Alexander Alexeieff as a way of producing animations. Look at this one Le Nez he made in 1963. Amazing stuff.

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@Harp That is insane.

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This one, Mindscape, is even more spectacular. Pinscreen animation is considered the painstaking kind of animation. The screen used in “Mindscape” had about a million pins.

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If you turn it upside down, it’s called a bed of nails.

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@Harp Oh, you do know how to make a man happy.

That’s fantastic. Wow.

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