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Why doesn't water go up your butt in the bathtub?

Asked by scienceNYC (78points) August 9th, 2009
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because generally speaking our butts aren’t open

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Think of your rectum like the mouth of a drawstring bag. It’s pulled closed by default, and unless something prompts it to open by going out or coming in, it stays that way.

In other words, the valve is closed in the bathtub unless you open it.

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You have a sphincter. It’s a round muscle that tightens to keep fluids in (or out). It’s the same muscle at the bottom of your esophagus, keeping your food in your stomach.

Next time you’re in the bath tub, reach down there and figure it out.

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Because it’s closed.

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I’m worried, is yours open?

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I’d be more worried if the question was “Why does water go up your butt in the bathtub?”

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Because you’re not letting it.

Open up your butt hole and you’ll see that water can go up there.

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I’ll probably give it a try.

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Reminds me of the old joke:
Why did cavemen drag women by their hair?
If they dragged them by their legs, they fill up with dirt.

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GQ just for making me laugh. If water did go up your butt in the bathtub your name is probably Elton John or Richard Simmons.

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@NaturalMineralWater oh is this some weird play on how gay men’s buttholes are always open…yeah, funny.

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I was gonna say the same thing: ‘Cause gay people like it up the butt. :P

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They are gay? Oh, I didn’t realize.

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I think we’d all be pissing out of our ass when it came to swimming in public. Yay for sphrincters!
I don’t like the gay butt comment :(

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If water could just go up your butt by sitting yourself in a tub of water, then no one would have had to invent the enema.

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i like it up the butt :D

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not would. do

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For the same reason poop doesn’t fall out of your butt all the time.

This is the best question ever made

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Because I’m to busy putting other objects up there.

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I was reading the answers, then for some reason goatse came to mind..

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Haven’t you heard the expression “Tighter than a frog’s ass” ?

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Because the gerbil plugs it up.

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Edit: too busy

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Cuz body pressure is more than atmospheric pressure.
And gasses and solid/jelly coming out pushes it out. ;)

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I wonder what happens when Goatse…..

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I was privately wondering how many serious answers arrived before the inevitable and predictable butt jokes showed up. Count from beginning.

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(@Quagmire, edit: That’s why, if somebody puts a dish of Gerbil food outside the tub, I could drown!)

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Heehee…this question makes me laugh…:P

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fistbump? More like terrorist fist jab!

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lol4rl, I usually call it a “terrorist fistbump” but I wasn’t sure anyone would know what I was talking about.

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@MacBean I didn’t understand “terrorist firstbump”. Would you explain?

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