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Does Fluther make you happy?

Asked by julia999 (343points) August 10th, 2009

Besides the beautiful layout of the template, I really get a kick out of logging into Fluther owing to the positive psychology beneath my username.

For example, today I signed in and it said:
Don’t tell anyone – you’re our favourite!’

Does anyone else find it awesome and uplifting?

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“We love your style.” Yes! Finally, someone does. ;-)

Welcome to Fluther!

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“The Nobel Committee called; we told them you’re busy.”

lol, these are awesome.

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Wait, they actually say nice things? Mine never do.

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Fluther is telling me, “You look smashing.” Nice. Very nice. =)

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Thanks for the welcome augustlan!
@johnpowell Nice one, I bet you didn’t even need to use Photoshop :P

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It’s very charming, but I have a nitpick (sorry). Awe used to have such a strong meaning. One felt awe in the presence of the deity. “Awesome”, sadly, seems to have lost its power.

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Not anymore. I don’t even notice it anymore.

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Eh, it doesn’t really make me happy, but I do gain something by coming here and typing my precious words :)

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Well, it does make me smile and brighten my day a bit. Even though I know it is just a random saying, I do enjoy reading and relating to it. Right now, it says “Here comes your boss. Look busy!”, I can imagine us scurrying back to our places and looking busy.

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@pdworkin The gradual weakening of superlative adjectives seems to be a fact of linguistic life. Heck, after God looked down on his creation, He said it was “good”.

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Most of the time yes. There are times when it turns into a competition where people who don’t seem to feel smart enough where ever they are come here to try and compensate. Then not so much.

But most of the time yes!

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i get good answers from people.

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Only love and music make me happy. That said, Fluther is a far worthier distraction than television.

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The people on Fluther make me happy.

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@Harp Well, He said “Ki Tov”, which still sounds strong in Hebrew.

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I love anything that provides me with an opportunity to hear mysef talk.

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Yes of course Fluther makes me happy! Do you think I would be here this long if I didn’t like it? :)
As for the little messages, I don’t get them :( but sometimes I switch out to the regular Fluther layout just so I can read them.
Beacause I get jelous when I hear other jellies bragging about what it said. <3

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It’s a great way to start my day.

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I enjoy fluther and find certain conversations on here very interesting indeed. Does it make me happy? Probably not because the only time I can use it is when I’m content anyway (I never use the word “happy” as I’m not sure that I have ever been “happy” for a long period of time. I like “content” far better because that is a more realistic emotion for me). If I’m not feeling content or relaxed (ie: if I am worried or upset about something) then I can’t use Fluther because I can’t focus (or care) enough to answer the questions. So no, it doesn’t make me happy but I enjoy it a lot when I am in the right frame of mind.

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Fluther is a source of happiness in my life. I love talking to people, and I love writing, and I love thinking things through. Exercise for the mind, I guess.

The little compliments used to annoy me, before I stopped seeing them. I wanted real complements, not random phrases, chosen by a computer. It reminded me that no one in real life ever said nice things, and made me feel worse than I already did. Of course, I was depressed at the time. Now, ignoring them or “not seeing” them is the best thing. Or sometimes seeing them as a tongue-in-cheek joke (as I think they are meant to be seen) helps.

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It makes me laugh! I love to log on and read the different and sometimes random answers! I especially love it when I’m having a crappy day and can still sit and laugh at the answers the collective gives. Thanks Flutherites!

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I like fluther!! The little messages are so cute! I liked the one where it was like ’‘theres something in your teeth,no to the left’’ or something like that =] They really make me smile :) Fluther makes me happy whenever somebody answers my questions or whenever I get lurve =] I really enjoy talking to my friends too! =]

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I love it when they tell me that they think they are falling in love with me.
So adorable. They always make my day.

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I do wish that sometimes they had something mean to say to me just like @johnpowell
Those are awesome “I hate you too.”=too much lurve.

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yes, it very much does (:

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@pdworkin : The fight against overuse and misuse of “awesome” here is a losing one. But some of us battle on.

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i do! it’s a nice pick-me-up when no one else wants to tell you nice things, or do the dishes.

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I usually make sure to use other words such as ‘brilliant’ (provided something is significantly so), but after a day of not saying ‘awesome’ I felt entitled to use it!

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Fluther makes me happier than any other place on the Net. There is no other site where I actually feel like I’m a part of something, like I do here.

@gailcalled . . .Hei muukalainen. Pitkästä aikaa Suomi.

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Blondesjon: @Olen täällä. Missä olet ollut?

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again with the finnish…:)

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@gailcalled . . .Prostituting minun heikko yritykset huumoria myös Internetissä.

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The Finnish makes me feel out of the loop.
Na ez már igen. Sej haj denevér…

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