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What did Fluthers do for April Fools Day?

Asked by Mozart (484points) August 10th, 2009

Because I’m bored and want to know.

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Rebmemer t’nac I.

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The happy greeting messages under our names were changed to not-so-happy (but funny) passive aggressive messages.

Didn’t the “Great Question” and “Great Answer” links say something different too? I don’t remember.

And Dr. J was not a happy jelly. He had furrowed eyebrows.

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Last year I had baby and this year I celebrated her first birthday!

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This year, all lurve was turned negative on April 1st.

Last year, you would give an answer and get questions, rather than the other way around.

Andrew and Ben are such jokesters.

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Told my mom that Obamas election was just a really bad dream.

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I photoshoped invoices from my university saying that payment was way past due and that the late fines had reached their maximum level and put them in all the mail-boxes in my building.

(I’m relatively new to fluther so this is my best answer)

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Nothing. Everyone around here goes on alert on April 1st!

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Unfortunately…I was too late!.:(

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Instead of ‘so-and-so is crafting a response’, it read something like ‘so-and-so is composing some pathetic drivel.”

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I didn’t do anything for April Fools(albeit it was my birthday, so I did eat some cake and get presents), but I waited until April 2nd to do all my jokes and pranks! No one expects it on the 2nd!


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