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What classs do I need to take for collage to be a pharmacist?

Asked by atr408 (357points) January 14th, 2008

i live in stockon california and i kinda was thinking of becoming a pharmasist or somthing in the medical feild. The collage i was thinking of trying to get into is UC Davis. Is that the right school for what i want to do? Also how many years is it to become a pharmacist? and lastly what classes should i take and what should i major in?

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You’ll need to major in pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences to be a pharmacist. If that’s what you want to do, you’ll have to check if UC Davis offers this major, and if so, what the class requirements are.

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is pharmaceutical science like biology or chemistry cuz I suck at chem but I’m Hell good at bio

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Basic English/Grammar-in all seriousness esp. if you’re considering a professional career…there’s a lot of writing on those little orange pill canisters…

Go speak with a guidance counselor at your local community college-they can fill you in on transfer requirements for the major for CSU and UC…and why UC Davis in the first place?

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its a doctor school

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If you are serious about UC, Davis, ( a competitive part of the CA system) read the catalog or go online and find out for yourself. Every undergraduate major has at least one English requirement – skip kinda, suck, hell good; check spelling for college, pharmacist, field, it’s vs. its, redefine a doctor school. Do you mean that UC Davis has good biology and chemistry programs and many of the undergraduates go on to Medical and related graduate schools? Or are you just wasting the time of the collective?

My pharmacist is extremely knowlegable and answers many medical questions; ie: drug interaction, side effects; generics available, insurance issues. Thus I don’t have to bother my doctor or his nurse.

You could also, if you are truly serious, talk to a pharmacist at your local drug store. The program is rigorous and requires

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sorry; as I was saying;

All 50 states require a rigorous exam and getting a license.

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Start off with your basics…Math, Chemistry, Biology, English. You have got to take these classes for any degree. Therefore if you change your mind along the way you did not waste your money….college is expensive!

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On a similar note as gooch, a lot of schools now have some form of general education program that every student has to complete. It all varies on school, but if your road to becoming a pharmacist is easy, then it is not legitimate.

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Go for liberal arts in the first couple of years—broaden your mind and your thinking. Then narrow down to your specialty, if you are still interested in it. Liberal arts includes sciences.

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Ok, first of all I love UCD (definitely the school for me), but if you want to be a pharmacist I think there are other UCs you should look into. Like UCLA? Or maybe UCI? I don’t know much about what those two UCs specialize in, but UCD is a huge agriculture and vet med school. If it’s UCD you’re set on attending, then good luck to you. You’ll have to complete all your studies at UCD and then maybe take some classes at UCDMC (UC Davis Med Center) which is in Sac, by the way, not Davis.

I’m not studying to be a pharmacist, so you should definitely check into all of this on your own. What I know for sure though is that a UC education is expensive (like 10K+ each year). Try to take as many classes as you can at a junior college and then transfer in. I’m a transfer student. If you decide to go to a JC first, do your best in all your classes. Don’t flake just because you think they’re easy or that you’re guaranteed admission. This year, there were 8,100 transfer applicants but only 1,200 received an offer from UCD.

Lastly… good luck!! =]

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