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Best free Windows scanning software that supports output to PDF?

Asked by limeaide (1921points) August 10th, 2009

Anyone have anything they use and can recommend. I don’t need OCR just something nice, simple and effective. I have a adf (auto document feeder) on my all-in-one unit so I’d love to be able to create multiple page PDFs to throw into Evernote. Thanks!

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I’m sure you’ve checked the software that came with your scanner, but they often come with a Scan to PDF option. My parents have an All-in-one that allows you to select Scan to… and then Choose PDF as File Type (I think those were the steps but my memory could be faulty). It would handle multiple pages and such.

Our company’s scanners came with a free version of Acrobat Standard, which works really nice, but it’s quite pricey at $299

You could try this ( but there didn’t really look like anything promising.
If you’re willing to try open source you could try (here) I’ve found a few gems there, but haven’t tried a Scan to PDF software.

Good luck, and if you find something please post it on here. I’m always interested in finding more good free software.

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@se_ven The particular all in one I have doesn’t have software for Vista, and HPs instructions were to use Windows Scan and Fax, paint, Windows imaging, which none of these have save to PDF as an option. Thanks for the suggestions, I love and checked them out before posting the question, just to see if anyone had any experience with anything they liked.

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If you only need to create a PDF, and you can use built in tools for the scan capture, there are several “Print to PDF” utilities available. Basically, you just select the program as the printer, and it spits out a PDF file.

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