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What is a good wedding present?

Asked by Resonantscythe (2390points) August 10th, 2009

Okay, I have a wedding to go to on Saturday and I have no clue what I’m gonna get. I don’t wanna get some lame ass blender or anything like that, but I don’t know what would be good. Any suggestions? Greats gifts you have been given?

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One that the recipients are happy with.

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Money or a gift card.

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(Sorry, that answer looks snide. I meant, you could ask.)

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If they have a registry, just get something from that list. If they don’t have a registry, I’d advise getting something practical.

Also, some newlywed couples need a blender. There’s nothing lame about that.
In the past when I’ve given an appliance as a wedding gift, I’ve given high grade industrial appliances, not commercial ones. Believe me, an industrial grade blender will last for years. That way whenever they use that blender they will think “wow this blender works great! Who gave us this?” and then think of you.

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Are they registered? Ask a close friend or family member if they have a registry somewhere. If not, 2 things that are always appreciated- money, and a couple’s massage! Also, as mentioned on fluther before has many fantastic, unique, practical gifts.

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When my sister got married I bought a Polaroid camera and a photo album. I took pics during the day and assembled them in the album and wrapped it before they opened gifts. Everyone seemed to enjoy looking at it even though the pictures were only a few hours old.

That might be a bit more tricky to pull off with a digital camera.

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If you know the couple well, you could get them tickets to a type of event they would like in a few months: concert, movie, restaurant gift certificate.

They will enjoy it.

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@johnpowell Very good idea. Good for other events such as birthday’s etc.

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a good wedding present is something you would want- (or need) -as a couple—for the two of you yourself.

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A good quality, heavy duty, cast iron skillet with lid.

I will last their whole life, doesn’t need electricity, and is endlessly versatile on the range and in the oven.

Put the recipe for Beef Bourguignon inside.

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If they are registered somewhere—- please please please buy them something off the registry. Even if it seems like a silly dumb thing =)

One person for our wedding got us all of the random kitchen dodads (mostly priced $5–10 each) on our registry, it was awesome!

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My cousin is getting married at the end of August, and one thing on her registry that I thought was unique was a bamboo picnic basket. It makes for an original gift and would allow them to maybe spend quality time with each other in the first part of their new life together.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic – On the money.

Nothing is lame if they need it. Have they been living together? If not, what about a recipe book. Call up his mom and her mom and have them give you their top 10 favorite recipes. Put them in the book. Ad one of your own. There you go.

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@pdworkin Ah, I always feel shy about asking
@The_Compassionate_Heretic Didn’t think of it that way. Thanks for the perspective.
@ubersiren That site looks really interesting. Sadly, it’s too late to ship stuff.
@johnpowell Don’t know if I could pull it off but that’s genius

@Everyone- Thanks very much for the ideas and perspective, I think I’ll be able to figure something out. :-)

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I always buy from the registry and have it sent. It’s not too late to ship stuff. Most couples won’t open the gifts taken to the reception until after they get back from their trip anyways.

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I love doing very personal things – how well do you know these people? Something like buying a nice but not too expensive diary type book with blank pages, getting some photos of them and other little bits of fluff to add in and then writing a little love story thats about them. Does depend on how much effort you wish to make though ^^
Edit: just read that it was Saturday (should really have paid more more attention) hope it went well and im still sticking with the present idea for future reference

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