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Why do construction trucks say "Construction vehicle do not follow" ?

Asked by ames83 (80points) August 10th, 2009

If the point of stating this is to emphasize that they may be driving slowly and hold up traffic or may become unsafe to the driver behind, it should say do not follow closely or something of that nature. I think its odd that it says this when often its impossible to not drive behind them especially in heavy traffic.

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It’s probably warning you ihat things tend to fall off the truck.

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Would you walk behind an obese man up a looooong hill?


You certainly could, but just to be safe…

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They often have chunks of mud, dirt or gravel sticking to them that randomly fall off.

They have paid tons of money fixing people’s windshields, so they use the sign to try to convince you they warned you to stay back, as if that makes them less liable for the damage they do to your car.

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Stuff falls off from construction vehicles like rocks and debris.
Construction vehicles also end up stopping in places where many motorists might not expect a construction vehicle to stop.

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I think these construction-truckdrivers meet at secret places and they don’t want us to know where that is.

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I understand, but it should say follow at your own risk or something like that. I don’t like the wording. :)

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Usually with the danger of falling debris, it will say to say back 500 feet or something. Here in Chandler, when they say not to follow trucks, they mean don’t blindly follow them without paying attention as they usually veer right off the road and into the construction site. If one is not paying attention (usually because one can’t see the street signs/lights beyond the truck), one will follow the truck right into the site.

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@rebbel haha that may be true maybe next time i’ll purposely follow just to see what they’re hiding from us.

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@ames83 Welcome to Fluther!

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@rebbel- missed welcoming you as well- Welcome!

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@Dog Well, thank you so much!

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So you won’t follow them?

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What are we moths drawn to the lights?

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@SeventhSense. Um…...I meant the traffic lights. You know, red, yellow, green? I am sure you have pulled up behind a large utility vehicle or maybe a moving van and you can’t see whether the TRAFFIC light is red or green, so when the truck starts to drive, you follow assuming the driver is doing the right thing and not deciding to drive through a red. Which has happened before – I saw the aftermath. Here, when all you see in front of you is a huge dump truck and the Department of Transportation decides to make a daily project of moving those reflector cones so your path swerves differently every day as they work on different parts of the road, you often don’t have advance notice of where to go. Common sense would have it to keep following the vehicle in front of you. Often, that person doesn’t know either! :-) But anyway, they say not to follow trucks because they often are the ones working on the road, so they will veer off the proper path into the work zone and, if you are not careful, you can find yourself in a tricky situation.

By the way, I couldn’t tell if you were making a funny joke or if you thought I was an idiot and was giving me a sarcastic jab. If it was the latter, I you are more than welcome to “go towards the light” and I don’t mean the ones that direct traffic…..

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The loudest dog gets the bone I suppose
Common sense would have it to keep following the vehicle in front of you.
This is not common sense but instinct. Cattle do it too and the Indians could drive them off a cliff by this behavior.
The only reason they have the law in the first place is that people don’t exercise common sense. It’s like those signs-“If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you”. People constantly pull behind my truck in its shadows. Now I don’t drive a semi but I have a big truck. And I would think that it’s plain that if you can’t see into my back window over the bed or my side mirrors then you’re just too close.
I don’t get close enough to any vehicle that i can’t see at least a glance of what’s in front of it unless I’m stopped at a light and then I wait for the flow of traffic around me as well.

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