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It depends, for me I never got morning sickness, I just get a little nauseous when I eat or smell something that’s a little off. But some women get it pretty bad, puking up every day. But one thing I noticed was that certain smells i.e. for me it’s omelettes really set me off and I feel like upchucking but it never happens. Note! Eat plain crackers, the non salted ones I know they don’t taste that great but they actually help with the nausea

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I echo Eleanor; I had no morning sickness in either of my pregnancies, but I found certain foods repellent – like rare roast beef. W. pregnancy # 2, the baby was sitting on the heartburn button and I had to sleep propped up and found that milkshakes tasted good.

My sister and my mother never had morning sickness either…it must be the genes.

Ginger ale?

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A friend of mine (the father of twins) reports that he started getting tongue-lashings for daring to impregnate her with twins and thus cause such horrific morning sickness about 8 weeks after the event. She apparently knew from the severity morning sickness that it was going to be a multiple birth…..

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My mum swears plain crackers before you get up in the morning prevents morning sickness. She had 3 children and it worked for all of us. A good excuse for hubby to get breakfast in bed for you too!

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Maybe also importantly, morning sickness generally STOPS after the first trimester. But if you’re asking whether feeling nauseous will clue you into whether your’e pregnant, no, go get a test kit at the drugstore.

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I have heard, and also found in my own experience, that the morning sickness was different with different sexes—pregnant with girls was worse than with boys. I suffered a bit of nausea around certain smells (fried eggs made me leave the room), when pregnant with my daughter, but overall it was quite mild. And I had none at all with the boys.

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Crackers were helpful during the first three months. Also I know it sounds crazy but it worked for me. There are wristbands that help morning sickness. We found out from a friend’s advice that it worked for her during her pregnancy and it worked for us.

I couldnt have eggs and orange juice at the same time. But could have it not at the same time. Smile.

I remember the first three months the tastebuds were different and some foods smells I couldnt stand. (I am not picky in general) Everyone is different.

I remember the second trimester was easier that the first trimester.

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also eating small meals every three hours help. And lots of water.

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About two weeks after conception. By this date, there is sufficient HCG hormone circulating in your blood to arrest your period. It is the HCG hormone produced by the trophoblastic cells of the placenta that causes nausea. This should cease at about three months, when the fetus’ pancreas begins producing pancreatic enzymes, which are responsible for bringing the explosive growth of the placenta to a dead stop.

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