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Are deep voices attractive?

Asked by scienceNYC (78points) January 14th, 2008

Ladies: Are you attracted to men with deeper voices?

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sure ! absolutly ! totaly ! completely ! no doubt ! girls like that! most

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I’m not really. As long as it’s more feminine than mine it doesn’t matter. And that’s the general consensus from most girls that I know.

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A friend of mine has a brother who is an evolutionary psychologist and he told me once that in different periods in their menstrual cycle, women are more drawn to certain voices. When they are ovulating, they are drawn to men with deeper voices, because it signifies that they have more testosterone, and are more likely to fertilize the egg. In other parts of the menstrual cycle, they are drawn to higher voices because they are searching for a more nurturing/caretaking male. He said this theory had been studied and scientifically proven, but who knows? Interesting, though.

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depends on the voice (and the personality behind it), but generally speaking, yes

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I like deep voices, especially when the guy is talking quietly and slower than usual. Then it’s I’m getting the manly man along with the sensitive man.

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Tangentially, I’ve read that men use pitch to determine dominance between/among males. Dominant males will pitch down and “submissive” males will pitch up. Link

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Yes. Most definitely. Deep. Resonant. Bass or baritone. And a British accent. With really good articulation. Like….Alan Rickman.


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