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When will you start getting excited for the holidays?

Asked by ubersiren (15150points) August 11th, 2009

I saw Halloween costumes in a store yesterday. Halloween is the start of the holidays for me. Less than a month after that is Thanksgiving, and then it’s Christmas, and there are a whole load of Jewish holidays in between, then Happy 2010! The stores always push it, I realize, but when do you get the buzz, if at all?

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Bah, humbug.

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After the holiday is over.

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Never. I very rarely care for such crass commercial “celebration$”.

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I celebrate the religious holidays, and so All Saints’ is the start of the holidays for me. I like Thanksgiving, but don’t care much for Winter Shopping Holiday.

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I’m still enjoying summer. Please don’t remind me that it will be cold soon ;)

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The only holiday I really care about is thanksgiving.

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“Buzz”?? With me it’s depression! And it will start in September.

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You are kidding, right?

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@teh_kvlt_liberal Oh, crap. I forgot about Thanksgiving.

Hell, I’m excited right now

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It used to be Halloween, but my daughter’s birthday is so close to it that now I find the end of October to be very stressful because I want both events to be loads of fun… and I’m a bit of a perfectionist about it.

After that I start to get excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love Thanksgiving most of all, except with it is at my mother-in-law’s b/c she cannot cook and they don’t make any effort to make it feel like a holiday. It is their year, but I am hoping to host this year since we are in a larger house. Christmas stresses me out a bit because of all the juggling of visits to family and the feeling of obligation to see everyone when it fits their schedule, not ours. Otherwise I enjoy it quite a bit!

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I don’t like Halloween, I hate that holiday. If you can call it a holiday anyways.
I get excieted around Thanksgiving time because my birthday is a few days after it :)

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Halloween costumes now!!?? Well, hell, why not? Christmas cards will be on the shelves before you know it. It’s sheer stupidity.

@se_ven I agree with you. Let’s have summer for as long as we can. Old man winter will be here before you know it & will hang around much too long. :-(

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I love the cold.

You people are wack attack.

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I’m excited about Halloween! My son was a polar bear last year, and this year I think he’ll be a conductor…or a thomas train. I can’t wait to see what he thinks of Halloween. He’s really scared of bugs, but the candy may trump that.

I’m also looking forward to Thanksgiving, because I’ll be seeing extended family out of state, and my husband is actually coming this time! So, he’ll get to meet a lot of my family.
I’m not so looking forward to Christmas, as I know I’ll be ginormous. But, I loved my sons reaction to the presets he received this past Christmas..and I know it’ll be even better this year. So, that will be exciting.

So, I’ve definitely been thinking about the holidays that are coming up! I think it may be more stressful when you have children, but a lot more…magical as well.

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Maybe in about ten years, when I have grandchildren. Right now I am too tired to mess with any of that.

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There is a radio station where I live that starts playing Christmas music Nov. 1st, that is when I start getting excited.

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Some of you seem so angry and upset. How do you even make it through the day. Don’t be so mad! For the others, let’s all ENJOY the holidays! They are what we make of them!

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I don’t like Halloween. I mean I love it when they play the omen on TV, I just hate the tradition where you have to get up to give candy to kids while trying to watch a damn movie. Don’t these kids get enough sugar everyday?

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I get really pumped for the holidays right around back-to-school time, because not long after, Halloween and a whole other mess of holidays come around, and decorations and such start showing up in stores. Other than the fact that my birthday is in the summer, I absolutely love fall/winter, and favor them over the other seasons. Halloween is so much fun, so I look forward to that every year. And I like Thanksgiving (mostly because I get to eat craploads of stuffing and pumpkin pie). Even though I’m not at all religious, I love Christmas and Chanukah. For me, the holiday season is “the most wonderful time of the year,” so I get excited pretty early.

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I’ll tell you if It ever happens.
for me Halloween is meh because I’m too old for the candy hunting, and no one i know ever has costume parties
Thanksgiving is alright, but we usually go to Massachusetts and the five hour drive sucks
Christmas is what you make of it. therefore for me it’s actually non-stressful because I just give gift cards or cash.
Independence day I actually enjoy, but the fireworks I saw this year were done by a total amateur so it sucked.

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I’ll tell you what’s the best holiday though
Leif erickson day

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This year I am departing from my usual and joining you. I am already looking forward to Christmas. I don’t want to rush it. I am enjoying the rest of August and our outdoor pool. I am looking forward to fall.

But lurking in the back of my mind is a slight smile when I think about experiencing what to me is a real Christmas—with cold and maybe even snow.

All of this is due to moving away from Florida with it’s only two seasons: summer (which is winter) and hell (which is the other seven months of the year).

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@J0E that happens here, too. By Christmas, you’re so sick of it that you don’t even enjoy it. I play CDs until about 2 weeks before Christmas. Then I’m ready to hear Christmas songs. By the time you hear carols in all the stores, etc. that’s enough already!

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At the last couple of weeks of November or so xD

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When the holidays start getting excited for me.

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@ubersiren a little topic crazy?

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@jbfletcherfan I’m the opposite, I want to listen to them as much as I can, after all it only comes around once a year. I usually listen to Christmas carols from Nov 1 until Jan 1.

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Yeesh, I agree with @missingbite. Good grief, is it like, way not cool to like the holidays now? Did I miss the hipster memo? Lol…

@PerryDolia: I’m not kidding. I saw the costumes.

I love the holidays! Maybe that’s because I have a kid and nice family members. I get excited early and make a big fuss and savor it, BUT as soon as Jan 1 comes, the tree comes down and it’s time for spring cleaning!

@jfos : Yeah, I had a moment of temporary insanity.

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I’ll be excited when I can spend them with the person I want to spend them with, not the people I’m forced to spend them with.

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I tend to not get ready for a holiday until about a month before it. I hate when stores start to push out advertisements and products for Christmas even before Halloween is near. It seems like every year they start to do that earlier and earlier. Personally, I’ll be glad when they’re over, because as I get older I realize Christmas isn’t that exciting anymore. The only thing I do like is being able to see all my family since I live so far away.

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not excited, stressed. how am i supposed to get something for everyone???

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Fuck Christmas.

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Halloween and Thanksgiving don’t do much to me. Couldn’t care less, actually.

Now Sinterklaas…. that is a whole different story.

In the beginning of November we will start to see the first news bulletins on Sinterklaas and his helpers, underway by boat. And mid November is when I will take the kids to the harbor and we will all greet him at his arrival there.

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@boots okay, you don’t like Christmas, no need to be so obscene.

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@J0E Yes, there is.

I find it ironic that Christmas is supposed to be a Christian holiday (it’s really not) and it’s soooooooooo gluttonous. Way to break one of the 7 deadly sins, everyone.

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@boots; Most people don’t see Christmas as a religious holiday. Still doesn’t mean you have to drop an f-bomb

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[Mod Says]:Let’s try to keep it SFW please.

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Sorry I got out of hand there, but yeah, chinese new year is the best holiday imo

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@whitenoise – Interestingly enough, Sinterklaas used to come visit here in South Texas for a number of years. He doesn’t any longer, though. He retired.

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When I have money!

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Actually, the holiday I prefer to celebrate is my unbirthday. That means I can celebrate any time and in any way I want, 364 days a year, and I don’t even have to be there.

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[Mod says]: restored quips
“Fuck” is ok.

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I’m looking forward to Halloween. Fuck the other holidays.

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@J0E I disagree. We all know the statistics that show America has more people who are religious, which would mean there is a large number of people who find christmas religious. Hell, just look at the decorations! The christmas cards, etc. Definitely religious.

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Most of those people who are “statistically religious” could care less about the “true reason for the season”. The secular part of Christmas is way more celebrated than the religious part, even by christians.

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@Darwin You might be wrong… sinterklaas is still coming with you guys. He comes to us first and then about two weeks later he hoes on to most of the rest of the world. You guys know him as Saint Nick.

Sinterklaas is Dutch for Saint Nicolas.

Your santa is actually our sinterklaas, upgraded by Coca Cola. :-) Happy holidays :)

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@J0E and @jeanna . I feel Christmas is two parties in one.

One is the party of the tree that has always been there. (Another Dutch invention by the way, those Christmas trees.) It is a party shared by all people that celebrate life. It stems from the mid winter solstice when days would again lengthen and the end of winter was confirmed to come again.

Christianity later recognized the importance of the midwinter solstice and decided to adapt Jezus’ birthday to match that party and since quite a while people also celebrate the birth of Christ on that date.

Just two parties where people celebrate. Why would you bother with other people celebrating?

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@J0E nah, never mind. I’m taking this to a PM

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I get excited about Halloween in late September (having an October birthday helps especially if you do costume parties)... after Halloween i’ll get excited about cooking thanksgiving dinner but will have already busted out my Christmas compilation cd’s.
I LOVE Christmas and have no qualms about getting in the spirit of the season as early as the beginning of November.

This is still one of my all time favorite songs… no matter the season!

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@Darwin Lurve for Unbirthday! :]

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@J0E I don’t like swear words either, so whenever I see one, I just translate it to Plutoid in my mind.

Since I handmake my own greeting cards, there is no specific time for a ‘season’. I just work on what ever holiday I feel like doing. I buy decorations after the official store seasons, when the stuff is on sale for 70% off. I have brand new Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day and Spring packages in my closet waiting for me to bring them out.

I leave the colored lights up around my family room all year long, because I love pretty lights.

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@YARNLADY I like the lights, too. I have white lights strung up above my kitchen cabinets all year long. I love them.

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I’m with @Marina – I’m already looking forward to my first cold, snowy Christmas in 7 years (after moving back to PA from San Francisco this year). Christmas is my favorite holiday, but it was so hard to get in the Christmas spirit without the weather changing. I can’t wait to see the leaves change and feel the first crisp chill in the air – I’m enjoying the summer heat too, but I’m definitely excited about Christmas!

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@whitenoise – No, I do mean Sinterklaas. I know precisely who Sinterklaas is, who Saint Nicholas is, and who Santa Claus is (who wasn’t upgraded by Coca Cola but rather by 19th century story tellers looking to make something more out of Christmas). Santa Claus does indeed still come to our town, as he has since it was incorporated in 1852.

However, for many years we also got another visitor. Sinterklaas would show up at the T-Head (a t-shaped artificial peninsula sticking out into the bay) on a barge, and he and his white horse and his little boy attendant would come ashore. Then, accompanied by a fire truck he would make his way down to our museum, where he greeted the children and handed out small gifts.

The reason why this happened was that the founding director of the museum was a 6’ 4” Dutchman who came to the US after WWII and still lives here, although he is really, really old now. He had a full set of Sinterklaas robes made and enjoyed playing the role for many decades. But once he retired from the museum, he gave up playing Sinterklaas.

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Meh, I don’t DO holidays – doesn’t mean I’m bitter or backwards, just means that my life is always interesting – I suppose I like holidays because I get days off then so I can spend more time with my family

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I love Halloween! :D I love getting scared and when that feeling comes inside!!!! :)
I love Thanksgiving! I love being thankful and that’s also my birthday month! Whoo Hoo! =] Christmas rocks!! Easter’s cool! I never understood the easter bunny….

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Holidays don’t affect me much unless they present an opportunity to spend time with friends and loved ones. When a particular relative was alive, holidays were excitable because they brought him so much joy, I think I’d feel this way again if someone I loved was really into holidays.

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There I was. Blissfully wandering around with not a care in the world. Kids off at Summer Camp. No big deadlines to face. Everything in its place. No worries.

And YOU @ubersiren had to come along and RUIN it all!!!!!!

Have you no shame????

Are you really, truly, so penurious that you would begrudge me just a small moment of happiness?????

Holidays: all pain, no gain.

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Hahaha… Sorry, @daloon. Not to worry! It’s still a ways off. Enjoy your last cookouts!

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Never, I’m a Scrooge.

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I love the holiday season…the decorations…Christmas Carols. I love giving the kids candy on Halloween (my current house they can’t come to my house so I miss that). I do admit that Thanksgiving is one of my least favorite holidays I think, everyone traveling on the same days, airlines gouge you, it’s not practical. I do wish that Christmas decorations didn’t go up until after Thanksgiving in the stores, at least lets wait until after Halloween.

I do wish that Christmas didn’t involve gift giving, and was just a time to get together with friends and family. Or, just gifts for children, I guess some families do that? A lot of Jews do that for Chanukah. The gift giving is stressful and people sometimes spend money they shouldn’t.

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i am always excited for halloween.
everything else? meh. maybe next year…pffft

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@Darwin That is a great story about that Dutchman! We do tend to take our sinterklaas rather seriously. :)

With santa being a coca cola-upgraded sinterklaas, I meant that santa’s current appearance as people all over the world know him, including my Dutch kids, is created more or less by Coca Cola. Thy did that in their campaigns since the 1930’s. Before then, Santa would appear in all different forms.

When Coca Cola modeled the ‘new santa’, they used the story by Clement Clark Moore that you refer to as inspiration. That poem was called “A visit by Saint Nicholas”, who is one and the same as our Sinterklaas. (Sinterklaas = Sint Klaas = Saint Nicholas)
See this link for the story on Coca Cola .

So in a way our sinterklaas and santa are the same, in different wrappings.

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I look forward to Halloween once school starts for my kids. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Actually, the entire month of October is my favorite time of year. I love the smell in the air, bonfires, corn mazes, raking the leaves, decorating the house, hayrack rides, picking pumpkins and apples at the farm, carving the pumpkins and watching all the wonderful scary movies and shows on tv.

This is the only holiday I actually enjoy. The rest just stress me out. Especially if we don’t receive any snow on Christmas. It doesn’t feel like Christmas to me if we don’t have snow.

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Another reason for guys to get excited about Halloween…

teh_kvlt_liberal's avatar


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@Dr_C : Man, did you have to pick such butter faces???

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when I start getting presents for my kids. I work at Home Depot and it’s a pain to set up and take down crap for the holidays.

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I start getting excited about the holidays right around October. Christmas stuff starts going up and I love it! Christmas is by far my most favorite time of the Year!!!

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I love Halloween! and thanks giveing day.

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@ubersiren they have faces?!?!?!?!

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I’m excited right now! I like the fall and winter months.

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I like to call it “exceptional consumption” season and it begins right around Thanksgiving when the family gets together… time to drink my mind numb haha

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Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday. No hype, just friends and family gathering together to share a nice meal and be thankful for the good things that we have, and be thankful that we have each other.

Christmas to me is almost anti-climactic.

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Near Thanksgiving ! ^^

ubersiren's avatar

@tabbycat : No hype, except for the person cooking the meal! (jk)

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four – three weeks before it starts and i go shopping and starting receiving cards

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When I get close to having one

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Actually a few days ago I started getting excited for Christmas. It’s really early still but my fiance and I just bought our first home and I’m excited to be able to decorate for the holidays!

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Holidays make me sad…in particular, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Several years back, my stepfather insulted my aunt, her husband, and her husband’s family. He was asked not to return, so now, my mom doesn’t attend either. (My aunt hosts both holidays.)

Although I get along with my family o.k., it’s never as happy as when I was younger and my mom was there. (And now, it’s mostly my Uncle’s family, who, while very nice people, aren’t my family. I’m trying not to sound snooty, okay?)

It also reminds me that I haven’t spend a Christmas or Thanksgiving with my dad in oh, 10 years? (I’m not that old, either.)

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I’ll get excited about the holidays when I win the lottery. You figure from November (Thanksgiving) until March (St. Patrick’s Day), it’s nothing but the stores pedaling their CRAPPY decorations, and gift ideas for Christmas and Chanuka. It’s all too commercial and capitalistic. And that’s another thing – people who get all offended because someone says Merry Christmas or Happy _____ and they don’t celebrate that particular holiday. Politically correct, my ass! These PC natzis need to pull up their big people panties and DEAL WITH IT!! If I say Merry Christmas to you (because that’s what I celebrate), and you celebrate Fiddle-dee-dee, then just say “Happy Fiddle-dee-dee” back to me – I won’t be offended. There is no need for people to be so doggone offended! Just reply with Happy (holiday YOU celebrate).

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Ok, it’s time. My Grandson has started working at the Haunted House over at the mall and I’m getting my Halloween stuff out. I’ll also inventory my Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff, and start getting the Christmas lights untangled. My college student worker will put them up for me.

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psst…Halloween is a little under two months away.

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Isn’t it a little early for stores to sell pumpkins? I see them all over now and it’s only Labor Day. Won’t they rot by Halloween?

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Pumpkins will last until Halloween if they aren’t cut. They store quite a long time.

Aethelwine's avatar

@YARNLADY Thanks. I just don’t remember seeing them for sale this early before. I am starting to get excited though. The stores have such beautiful displays of asters and mums right now.

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@jonsblond I like to buy them, and cook up some pudding, pancakes, pies, bread, soup (which I then serve inside hollowed out bowl size pumpkins), and toasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed salsa, pumpkin marmalade, and pumpkin chutney Sometimes I cook several weekends in a row.

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@YARNLADY You need to visit the weekend of the 18th-19th of this month. The Pumpkin Festival will be held then in Morton, IL. Morton is home to Libby’s and is the official Pumpkin Capitol of the World. You would love the variety of pumpkin foods available. :)

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@jonsblond Yes, I would enjoy that.

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for some reason the past few years ive been getting exctied in like september! that might make me sad but its not even the presents i just get so exited about the month of decemnber i only love haloween cos its near christmas :S and i love dark night and cold morning ? :D xxxx

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I love holidays! I get excited for next Christmas the day after Christmas!

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Whenever I get enough money to do it without stress. Not anytime soon, in other words.

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@Val123 No shit. You speak the truth! (as much as I love the holidays, the stress kills.)

Val123's avatar

@jonsblond and the guilt and sadness because you can’t do much at all

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Well, you commented Halloween as the beginning for you. I honestly don’t think of Halloween as the start for me, more Christmas. While I know that Halloween kicks of a series of other celebratory days, but Christmas is what ‘defines’ the holidays for me. In particular, when I begin planning Christmas presents and wrapping them under the tree. =]

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Today as I sent off my most very special present!!

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In my next life when I’m a kid again. If I have to go through it all again.

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