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What are good documentary movies?

Asked by ctferrarajr (270points) August 11th, 2009

I just watched some of Michal Moore Documentary (Fahrenheit 9/11, Sicko, and Bowling for Columbine) and was wondering if there are any other good,eye-opening movies I should check out.

links would be appreciated

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Fog of War
Man on Wire

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The 11th Hour

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Two free Zeitgeist docu’s:

And what about: This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated?

They should make one about the Mafia called the music industry with al the MPAA RIAA and BREIN crap!

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@Harp if I MUST then I shall. I will check them out.

one question….is it Why We Fight: The Battle of Russia Part I and II?

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No, there’s no subtitle. Just “Why we Fight”.

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The Devil in Miss Jones.

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In the movie theaters right now, Food Inc.

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Oh, and for “eye opening”, it’s hard to beat The Century of Self, a BBC production. You can find this one on Youtube but the episodes need to be watched in order.

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Can’t believe nobody’s said An Inconvenient Truth yet. Extremely eye-opening, even if you don’t agree with Al Gore.

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Calling Zeitgeist a documentary is a big stretch.

The Corporation was great. Very long, but great.

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@harp I think you got your link wrong with the century of self

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Paradise Lost – it’s an older one about the murder of several children in a small Arkansas town and the three teenage boys who are convicted, perhaps in part because of their goth appearance and “satinism”.

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@martijn86 I could only find on Zeitgeist movie.
Also, what is it about?

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@ctferrarajr It’s about the truth!

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@ctferrarajr Crap! Sorry, here it is.

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@perrydolia mentioned Fog of War – almost anything by Errol Morris who directed that movie. One of my favorites is his first, Gates of heaven, about the pet cemetery business.

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@ctferrarajr Zeitgeist 1 is about religion and how banks profit from wars.
Zeitgeist 2 is about how we could fix this world. Waht would be a better society.

Mind you, it’s all facts.. no speculations or unclear thingy’s.. just summing up facts. 1+1=2 stuff..

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I think it was called grizzly man or something with that guy with bears and after the documentary he gets killed by one.
And The Devil’s Playground. Oh those Amish kids….

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Food, Inc. (not on video yet – just released this summer).

Touching the Void (not political, but an amazing story).

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i just saw a good one called Prom Night in Mississippi. It’s about a small town in Miss. that always had a black prom and a white prom. Efforts to change that have failed. in 2008 they were going to try to have an “Integrated Prom.” it’s about race relations, high school, change.

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@jca, You reminded me of another good one, Paper Clips. It’s about a rural school project that involved collecting a single paperclip for each person who died in the Holocaust.

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The Zeitgeist movies are garbage. Crazy-man propaganda.
Good documentaries:
The Fog of War
The Indomitable Teddy Roosevelt
The Battle of Citizen Kane
Hearts of Darkness (the making of Apocalypse Now)
The Life and Times of Harvey Milk
Supersize Me

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American Movie.

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@filmfann I can’t believe I forgot about Supersize Me. Loved it.

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Spinal Tap

A Mighty Wind

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Born into Brothels

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Standing in the Shadows of Motown is a doc celebrating the guys who were the funk behind the Motown sound, and until now no one had given them their due.

Repsect Yourself: The Stax Records Story is a doc about the 60s Southern soul label Stax. They were the anti-Motown, with records that had that real gut-bucket soul going on as opposed to the polished mainstream work from Motown.

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@teh_kvlt_liberal The documentry you are referring to is The Grizzly Diaries.

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Future of Food is a great one. It makes you think and it inspired me to become aware of what I eat. Man on Wire is very good. Inspiring, entertaining, just loved it. Bigger, Stronger Faster is a good one too; talks about steroid use and its interesting. And God Grew Tired of Us is another good one.

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@Blondesjon you stole my answer! :P

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Thanks guys for all the imput. my list currently is as follows

To Watch
▪ Taxi to the Dark Side
▪ An Inconvenient Truth
▪ Adam Curtis BBC
⁃ The Century of the Self
⁃ The Power of Nightmares
⁃ The Trap
⁃ The Mayfair Set
⁃ Who Pays Wins
⁃ Entrepreneur Spelt S.P.I.V.
⁃ Destroy the technostructure
⁃ Twilight of the Dogs

• Michael Moore
⁃ Farenhight 9/11
⁃ Bowling for Columbine
⁃ Sicko
⁃ Roger and me
• This Film has not yet been rated
• Why We Fight
• The Corporation
• Esoteric Agenda
• Michael Moore
⁃ Farenhight 9/11
⁃ Bowling for Columbine
⁃ Sicko
• Zeitgeist

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