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Get an Antec Signature power supply, stable power is key to a long lasting stable PC! Plus cables can be detached when not used so the airflow in the case is optimized.

The case doesn’t have build in noise reduction for the drives nor does it have te room to fit anything else then the stock CPU cooler. Since you mentioned in another question overclocking, 45nm cpu’s don’t get hot fast but with stock coolers the lifetime is faster decreased.

The rest doesn’t really meet any of the new standards if you want to upgrade in the near future.. Standard is an i7 socket, 2×3 channels RAM, DDR3, X85 motherboard.. and you don’t mention anything about the most important part in the PC to get right.. The disk.. if you really want to use the power of the PC you’re building, you should put 4 Vertex SSD’s in RAID-0 on a PCIe Raid controller. That’s very important!

Mushkin memory? Never heart of it.. Is it fast in real worl senario’s?

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I chose these parts, and stand by them.
1. Corsair is a very reliable power supply maker.
2. I did not choose the case, but it will easily fit an aftermarket cooler if you remove the plastic air duct.
3. The AM3 socket is AMD’s new standard. The intel 1366 (Core i7) socket is a dead end socket. X58, not 85, btw
4. Mushkin is a well known enthusiat RAM manufacturer. That ram also has very good timings.
5.Putting SSD’s in RAID-0? You can’t be serious. Not only would that be overkill on nearly everything, but it would be insanely expensive. A WD Caviar Black is more than sufficient. Drive speed does not bottleneck any components. It only affects load times.

Why do I have the suspicion that I’m being trolled?

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Oke, just shows I don’t have a clue about gaming rigs.

I configured systems for graphic design/ video editing and 3d modeling. Video editing really uses the speed of an SSD raid.. which I have sitting here.. worth every buck. With the Adobe and Autodesk software I get the best performance out of Intel and nVidia products so never gone in depth with AMD standards. Can’t find any store in the Netherlands that sells Mushkin.. OCZ is a popular here.

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The case is not attractive and I’d be tempted to pay the extra 30 bucks for the Radeon 4870

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I went with the 4850 because the OP has a budget of ~$800. I myself have a 4870 and love it, but wanted to try and stay in his/her range.

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@martijn86 4 SSD’s raid 0 is a good answer to the wrong question. I’m sure it makes a difference in 3D video rendering, but is just silly for gaming. In fact 4 drive striped together has been shown to lower performance in some cases. Worst of all is the fact you quadruple your chance of irrecoverable data loss because of a failed drive.

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thats why SSD’s are ideal for RAID. For the first time the amount of drives almost exactly translates to the multiplication of speed and they are about 5000x less likely to ever fail!

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I apologize if I came off really harsh. 3D modeling requires different specs than a gaming rig, so some of your suggestions seemed rather outrageous. Now they make sense, because of your different needs.

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