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What's the best thing to eat the morning after a workout?

Asked by Spargett (5356points) August 11th, 2009

So I know what to eat directly before and directly after a workout. I also know that your muscles continue to grow the next day as they are healing and require protein the following day as well.

What’s the best thing to eat first thing in the morning, the day after your workout?

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Five raw eggs and an uncooked steak.

Alternatively, you can try a nice shake. Milk, whey protein, peanut butter and scoop of low fat ice cream.

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put 5 eggs in a glass, add 5 tablespoons of sugar , mix it good, drink it.

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I’ve heard drinking chocolate milk is the best thing to consume after a workout because it replaces more than any sports drink.

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I opt for a nice protein shake. I prefer the chocolate flavored ones.

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Meh. The usual, or what should be the usual. Complex carbs and protein.
I’d advise oatmeal with milk plus your favourite protein source. (Eggs, cottage cheese, canned or fresh fish, meat…)

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What merit is there to raw eggs that non-raw eggs lack?
I’d be worried about health risks. I believe there are quite a few bacteria and the like in a raw egg.

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I was kidding. I hope that was clear, as was the uncooked steak part.

Don’t do it.

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what does not kill you makes you stronger.

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boiled eggs, wheat toast or oatmeal. a fiber cold cereal with soy milk will do as well. if salmon is available, try that too—broiled along with eggs over easy. let the egg yolk juice run over into the salmon for extra kick! sop up with 12-grain wheat toast.

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1. A normal breakfast. In the long-term pursuit of health, it doesn’t matter what you eat before a workout.

2. Nothing.Your Growth Hormone is very high in the morning, meaning you’re using fat as your primary energy source. A strategy used by people trying to lose weight is to eat nothing pre-workout and—since your GH spikes even higher from an intense workout—nothing after a workout for about an hour. This maximizes fat loss and GH production, and has other benefits, too.

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Chocolate doesn’t kill me. Neither does losing a leg.
Nietzsche was full of it.

I have my doubts about skipping breakfast being a good idea under any circumstance. I’ve been told elsewhere never to do it.
The main reason is that your metabolism needs something to get started in the morning, or it will remain in the no-food setting where calories are burnt slowly and you’ll have little energy. You can’t give the workout your all on an empty stomach, either.
You will be working sub-optimal in multiple ways.

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Lots of people do it, man. You might like to read up on the topic of Intermittent Fasting. but aside from stuff written on the internet, I can tell you that I’ve tried it, even with heavy deadlifts, and I had plenty of energy. Our bodies are tough, and were meant to hunt hungry.

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Eat a big, protein fortified meal. I read in Men’s Health that the best time for your body to turn food into energy is in the morning. So treat yourself to something healthy and tasty in the morning. Put these things into your blender and enjoy: 12–14oz of milk (I prefer water to keep the calories low), 1 banana, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, 1 serving of oats, and one scoop of protein powder. Try to get a powder that has at least 20grams of protein. It’s a good meal and the blender is easy to clean.

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I’m assuming that your workout may be later in the day…

In which case, I highly recommend drinking a few glasses of water or even a sports drink. Watermelon is a great fruit to consume in the morning because it is a food with a high glycemic index = will raise your blood sugar to get you going in the morning.

A simple bowl of cereal, preferably whole grain like Wheaties or Total/Raisin Bran. A protein shake with a few berries or bananas mixed in. Yogurt is great to have as well.

Basically make sure you have a simple sugar, like a watermelon or sports drink/OJ, some whole grain, and protein. Bagels/toast are great to add to breakfast for your fuel = carbohydrates.

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After a workout you should eat carbohydrates and protein rich foods to get muscle growth and energy:
• Fruits
• Low-fat milk
• Peanut butter
• Chicken with brown rice

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