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Should you take hormones before or after a workout?

Asked by Judi (39784points) August 11th, 2009

I am taking doctor prescribed bio-identical hormones. I’m not looking for someone to tell me to stop, I had a hysterectomy and these things saved my life. I was a foggy brain without them!!
I take topical estrogen and testosterone.
I have recently started working out again and I know that as a side effect, the testosterone can help me with the strength training.
Should I apply the drops before or after my workouts?

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(duly changes his mind about knee-jerk reply not to take hormones)

I’m sorry, but I know next to nothing about hormones. :/ Well, I know what they do during puberty, but that knowledge is not much help in this situation.
I think you need to know what exactly they do, in order to know when to take them. If they stimulate muscle growth (like protein), take them just after or just before workout. If they give you more energy (like carbs), take them a while before. I guess.

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Follow the doctor’s instructions. Of course the hormones are legal arent they?

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Of course they are legal, they are prescribed. His instructions are 5 drops of estrogen 2 times a day and 3 drops of testosterone 2 times a day. I can take them before or after my workouts without deviating from his instructions.

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Then I would ask him rather than rely on Fluther’s vast array of medical experts.

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i used to take tribulus which was a testosterone type booster. My advice is to only take them an hour before your workout. There is really no point in taking them after a workout as those testosterone will help out best during a workout

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@mass_pike4 , thanks for answering my question!!

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@Judi So it is about building muscle mass and not about hormone therapy? Prescribed by a licensed MD or by the trainer at the gym? C’mon girl, get real.

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I don’t think Judi is at the age that packing on muscle is that important. She said that they were medical, not for other reasons. Don’t give her a hard time.

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@galileogirl , you are totally wrong. I NEED the hormone therapy. I was walking around in a fog for 5 years before I got them.
Building muscle is another side effect, and I might as well use that to my advantage. I have been taking them for 3 years now and this is the first time I have considered when I take them compared to my work out.
Actually I am insulted that you would doubt my integrity on this. We have both been around for a while and thought there was some mutual respect. I guess I was wrong.

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@eambos ; You are right. I need the hormones to keep me from being a total air head, but I also want to stay strong so I’m not walking with a walker when I’m 70, and that’s why I am working out. I am not taking the hormones to build muscle, but if a side effect of taking them is to build muscle so be it.

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I said I had been on them for 3 years, I did the math and it has been closer to 5 years.

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Definitely take them before your workout. @mass_pike4 is right on point about taking them about an hour before working out.

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@Judi: I am silently shaking my head at someone in this thread on your behalf. To answer your question, I would take them before, but I know nothing about any potential benefit. My only reason for thinking before a workout would be better is because of my brother having done weight training for a while, he always took most supplements (not ever steroids) before, and there seem to be relatively few things you take after.

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Good to see you again @asmonet !

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I don’t know enough about the hormones in relation to working out to be of much help there. But I do know about the GYN side of hormone therapy. When doing bioidentical estrogen, it’s usually either Bi-est(estradiol and estriol) or Tri-est(same 2 plus estrone). Here in my community, the compounding pharmacists usually put it in cream for transdermal use or a “troche” which dissolves in the mouth. Testosterone is sometimes added to help decrease hot flashes or to try and help with sex drive, or improve overall sense of wellbeing. Again, in my community, bioidentical testosterone is usually prescribed in a cream.

Are your drops prescription strength or OTC? Testosterone generally moves through the stomach too quickly to absorb well unless it is given in a timed release form. I’m not familiar with testosterone drops. The provider who gave you the drops should be able to provide more information on dosage, peak levels, half life, etc.

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From personal experience I know that estrogen is an upper and will let you work harder, longer, and more enthusiastically. Thus I concur with the folks who say take the hormones an hour or so before your workout.

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@MagsRags, they are prescription made by a compounding pharmacy and are in an oily topical drop. Probably a mineral oil base. The testosterone is a controlled substance (at least here in California) the doctor couldn’t fax the prescription I had to personally take it in.

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I don’t know about the estrogen, but the testosterone is best taken before the workout. It will give you abundant energy and had an anti-catabolic effect—meaning, you won’t damage your muscles as much—meaning, less soreness and faster recovery.

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Hormone therapies are complex. Work with the doctor you trust.

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I have a great doctor who prescribes them.

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@Judi – I would ask him or her about before versus after a workout.

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