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Will there be a Fluther Mobile?

Asked by rlr718 (18points) August 11th, 2009

I tend to do most stuff on my phone and don;t log on via the computer too often.

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There’s an app for iPods and iPhones

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There is a mobile site and also an iPhone app already in existence.

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I actually posted the question before I searched it out. lazy me (slaps hand) I can access it on my blackberry I will have to try and maybe there will be an app or mobile site.

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The mobile site is

I think the browser detection only picks up on Mobile Safari.

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A Fluthermobile could be a very cool vehicle. Painted sea green, aquarium of jellies in the passenger compartment, big ‘59 caddie fins…

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I thought you wanted a mobile like this one.

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I thought you meant a cell phone based on fluther or something like Kindle!? I’m tired!

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i wish they would made one that would adjust to screen size on my Android device

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i made an example, see, it’s very impractical..

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